MYMUESLI accessories

Of course, your muesli tastes even better in a nice tableware! That's why we've developed porcelain mymuesli bowls and cups, and mymuesli spoons in a stylish and practical design. Perfect for combining with a favourite muesli as a fun gift!

mymuesli Porcelain Bowls

Enjoy your breakfast with the new porcelain bowls from mymuesli. Perfect for your breakfast muesli or porridge!


mymuesli Porcelain Cups

Match your breakfast bowl with our lovely porcelain cups. Great for your morning coffee or tea.


More breakfast accessories

2GO Cup

Always and everywhere: The mymuesli2go cup allows you to take your favourite muesli and milk, yoghurt or fruit with you in two separate containers - and later mix them together.

teaser-mm2gokunststoff2.jpg2GO Cup

mymuesli Silver Spoon

Our silver mymuesli spoon is specially designed for your daily muesli breakfast. The size is in between a tablespoon and teaspoon and is perfect for eating freeze-dried berries.

loeffelsilber-teaser.jpgSilver Spoon

mymuesli Gold Spoon

Our gold mymuesli spoon is extra special and is best matched with a special granola containing large freeze-dried berries and luxurious nuts.

loeffelgold-teaser.jpgGold Spoon