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The ingredients are the most important part of our muesli. They are all grown organically. We do not add any colourings or flavourings, flavour enhancers or additional sugar to our mueslis.

When ordering from us, you must first select a muesli base. For each item, you can click for more information, including the ingredients used. Then you can refine your mix and add more ingredients from the Fruits, Nuts & Seeds and Chocolate categories. Then you're ready to place your order - a few days later, your custom muesli will arrive at your door.

We keep trying to find new ingredients for our muesli and to improve our selection. If you have ideas, don't like an ingredient or want to suggest a new one, tell us. Phil will take care of it.

We have divided our ingredients into the following categories:
Muesli base | Refine base | Fruit | Nuts & seeds | Choco

Muesli base

Refine base


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