Frequently asked questions

Here we hope to offer some answers to the most common questions people ask mymuesli.

You can get a wide range of information on our ingredients from our ingredient list. You can read more about the mymuesli story here. And if you want to get to know us a bit better, then visit our blog. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask us here.

Questions about us and the company

So who are "the guys"?

We, "the guys", are the founders of mymuesli. We called ourselves "the guys" when we talked about our muesli idea for the first time, and the name just stuck. People have been calling us "the guys" ever since (after all, most of us don't choose our nicknames!). If you want to find out more about our story and why we make muesli, take a look here.

Why muesli?

You have to be pretty passionate about muesli to dream of having your own muesli company, and we certainly aren't short on passion. Muesli is also an ideal product for customising because of its variety of different ingredients. And last but not least - breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

I'm an athlete. Can you sponsor me?

We believe that sport and nutrition are a perfect match. Unfortunately, we only have a small volume of muesli available to us, but we are happy to support you with our muesli. If this appeals to you then please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Do you have a job for me?

Our job vacancies are listed here.

Couldn't find a vacancy that appealed to you? Are you nevertheless convinced that you would be a good addition to our team? Then simply send us a short email telling us what we're missing!

Please send applications for full-time positions to bewerbung@mymuesli.com and applications for internships to praktikanten@mymuesli.com.

Questions about our muesli and the ingredients

Can I give my muesli creation a name?

Yes, you have a maximum of 18 characters available to you on the label. You also receive a Mix ID from us with every muesli, which is printed on the label. This makes it possible to always reorder a certain muesli mix.

Can you provide nutritional information about my muesli?

In the muesli mixer, you can always view the nutritional information as it changes in real time. All you have to do is simply click on "Display nutritional information" and you can see how each additional or deleted ingredient changes your mueslis nutritional value. It goes without saying that you can also display the nutritional information of an existing muesli - all you have to do is enter the Mix ID. This adds all of the appropriate ingredients to the mixer, and then just press "Display nutritional information". If you have set up a customer account, you can view all of your muesli orders and their nutritional information at a glance within your account.

Is your muesli suitable for vegans, people with allergies or diabetes?

If you have special nutritional requirements, you are probably already more than aware of this, but please note that our muesli can contain traces of sesame, nuts, milk proteins, grains and soya, despite our careful production processes.

What is the shelf life of a tube of mymuesli?

The minimum shelf life is dependent on the ingredients that you select, but it is only shorter than three months in exceptional cases. However, our mueslis don't last that long in most kitchens - they are just too moreish!

I want to suggest a new ingredient. Is that possible?

Of course! We love hearing suggestions for new things. Phil takes care of these. But please note: We receive a lot of suggestions for ingredients and we are obviously unable to offer all of these, not least as our quality standards are extremely high.

Can I order more of a specific muesli mix?

Yes. Every muesli you order is given a Mix ID by us, which is also printed on the label. This ID makes it possible to always reorder a specific mix.

Questions about the muesli mixer and orders

What is a Mix ID? Where do I get one?

Every muesli you order receives a mix ID from us, which is also printed on the label. This ID makes it possible to always reorder a specific mix. So if you want to recommend your muesli creation to a friend, all you have to do is give him or her your unique Mix ID. Then your friend can order the exact same muesli here without any hassle.

Are gift vouchers possible? Can they be printed out?

Of course! Here you can find out all you need to know about mymuesli vouchers. Your unique voucher code will be sent to you by email within a matter of minutes. We don't send vouchers by post! The email you receive also includes a link which you can use to print off an attractive voucher at home.

By the way - the remaining value of a voucher can be used on subsequent orders.

I would like to order some muesli for my company. What are my options?

For corporate customers, we offer various customization options, including printing your logo or message on the muesli tube. You can find out all you need to know about corporate gifts here.

How much muesli can I mix in one mymuesli tube?

Every tube that leaves our workshop contains 575g. If you only order a base mix, then you will receive 575g of base mix. As you add individual ingredients to the base, the proportion of the base is then reduced accordingly. However, in the end, the tube content always weighs 575g.

The principle is a little similar to buying a car - if you choose a model with a better braking system, you will have a car that is able to do more. But you won't have a car with eight sets of brakes. In other words, you are adding a component to replace something else, but improving the product overall. The car is safer and the muesli tastes better.

Am I able to increase the proportion of one specific ingredient?

Of course! All ingredients (including additional base ingredients) can be added to your muesli multiple times! Just click on your desired ingredient more than once and you will automatically receive twice the amount. Too much of a good thing? Click on the ingredient on the tube and it will be removed once again.

Do I receive any freebies if I order a lot of muesli?

We take care of all the shipping costs free-of-charge on orders of £60 and above. Please feel free to tell us if you think you've earned a little more - our contact form.

I didn't receive an order confirmation or invoice!?

After you complete your order, a confirmation email will automatically be sent together with an invoice. If you have not received one within two hours, perhaps you made a mistake when typing your email address. Or maybe our email has been directed to your spam folder. Simply get in touch with us and we will sort it out. If you create a user account, you can not only save your email address but also your delivery address. This saves you the effort of typing it out every time and avoids any errors that may occur when making your next order.

Questions about payment or shipping

What does shipping cost?

£5.90 - no matter how many tubes you order, up to a total order value of £60. From £60 you get free shipping! Please do note that vouchers are not included in the order value, as a voucher only gains a "product value" after its purchase.

Is it possible to send two separate orders together?

This is difficult for logistical reasons. Therefore, please always try and include all your desired mueslis in one order. This way, you only pay for shipping once.

Can I pick up my muesli myself? Where are the hotspots?

In Germany we have a variety of mymuesli hotspots where you can pick up your mueslis and save shipping costs. In the UK we're not there yet, but if you'd like to be among our first hotspots, get in touch!

How can I pay for my muesli order? What are your bank account details? IBAN? BIC?

At the moment, we kindly request that you pay in advance using one of these payment methods:

Bank transfer:
Account holder is mymuesli AG
Account number 0778 892 700

Purpose: (please don't forget to state your invoice number, otherwise we are unable to connect your payment to your order!)
BLZ (sort code): 700 800 00 (Commerzbank)
IBAN: DE75 7008 0000 0778 892 700

PayPal payments (please include invoice number) to paypal [at] mymuesli [dot] co [dot] uk.

You can also pay by direct debit or credit card via our partner money bookers when you send off your order.

You will be sent an order confirmation and receipt automatically after every order per email. If not, please get in touch.

Something went wrong with my payment, what should I do now?

If you wanted to pay by direct debit or credit card, we are unable to restart your payment process. We are currently working on a solution to this.

Until we solve this issue, we kindly request that you use a bank transfer or PayPal to pay for your order. Our accounting department automatically recognises incoming payments even if a different payment method was entered for your order. However, it is vital that the invoice or order number is included in your stated payment purpose.

Do you ship to other countries? If so, which ones?

In addition to Germany and Austria, fans of muesli in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland can also look forward to tucking into customized muesli. Visit www.mymuesli.co.uk

We also have our own workshop in Switzerland, the land that brought muesli to the world. If you're in Switzerland, please order via www.mymuesli.ch

Fear not Dutch muesli lovers, we are there for you too! Visit www.mymuesli.nl

My muesli has arrived in an "unmixed" state! Why?

By the time your muesli reaches you, it will likely have been shaken considerably - during transit on the road or while making its way through the conveyor belts and sorting machines at logistics centres. Even perfectly mixed mueslis gradually unmix themselves. As a result, large, roughly-cut ingredients are frequently found on top, while smaller, fine ingredients tend to be further down towards the bottom. This is a natural phenomenon that is particularly visible in our case, given the various ingredients in a tube of muesli. This is an issue that every muesli producer has to deal with. However, cutting all the ingredients down to the same size just to solve this problem does not come into question for us. Our tip: When your muesli arrives, give it a good shake - just imagine you are mixing a cocktail!