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myMuesli recipes

Enjoyed simply with milk or yogurt, mymuesli is already a winner on the breakfast table. But our muesli can be used for so much more than that! On this page we offer our most delicious recipes created using our organic muesli ready-mixes. From trendy smoothie bowls to Paleo porridge, there is something for all tastes - so go ahead and start experimenting with our mymuesli recipes!

Müsli selbst machen - so einfach geht's


In our mixer you can mix your own organic favourite muesli. With more than 80 different ingredients you have a lot to choose from, and with 566 quadrillion muesli variations possible, it's hard to tire! You decide how colourful, fruity, chocolatey or exotic your individual muesli mix should be. If you need inspiration, check out our mixer tips.


Coconut and date energy balls made using our Balance Muesli - great for a post workout power boost!

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Muesli Bread

Our juicy muesli bread tastes just as delicious when eaten sweet with jam or savoury with creme cheese.

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Paleo recipes

Paleo Smoothie

Coconut milk smoothie packed with nutritious berries.

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Paleo Porridge

Low carb and great for followers of the stone age diet.

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