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The Paleo diet -also known as the caveman diet- is all about eating as natural as possible, just like our ancestors did. Basically anything that was available in the stone age is allowed on the Paleo diet, such as meat, fruits, nuts, vegetables and herbs. On the other hand, grains, sugar and dairy are not allowed. Proteins and good fats are the key nutrients. Our Paleo mixes with nuts and fruits are perfect for those looking for a grain free, low carb breakfast or snack option.


New: Paleo Apple Crunchy

Our Paleo muesli without coconut – but with even more crunchy nuts and seeds as well as delicious apple pieces.

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Paleo Coconut Crunchy

Our original Paleo muesli with big coconut chips for anyone looking for a grain free and low carb muesli.

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What you need to know about the paleo diet...

Regeln der Steinzeiternährung und der Paleo-Diät

Enjoy - natural, unprocessed and nutrient rich foods

Meat: Provides valuable proteins, fats and vitamins which can only be obtained from animal sources. Meat from grass-fed and free-range animals is recommended. 

Fish: Good source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Here again, choose high quality, wild fish from organic aquaculture.

 Provides you with good fats and protein, you heard it before, choose the best organic eggs from free-range chickens.

Vegetables: The basis of the Paleo diet and should be a big part of your daily consumption.

Fruit: Important supplier of vitamins and fibre. Two servings per day, a handful each, is the recommended daily amount.

Nuts & seeds: Compact energy suppliers but consumption should not exceed more than one handful per day.

Oils & fats: Recommended fats are clarified butter such as ghee and selected vegetable oils such as olive oil, coconut oil or avocado oil. Be careful when heating up vegetable fats. Coconut oil is best for cooking at high temperatures.

Avoid - any form of processed, conserved or nutrient poor industrial products 

Grain products: All types of grain products such as bread, pasta and pizza should be avoided.

Legumes: Might be surprising, but legumes which include black and red beans, peas, peanuts and soy products are also forbidden.

Dairy products: Dairy products are not allowed i.e. milk, cheese, cream.

Sweets: Candy, chocolate, gum, or any other artificial sweeteners are taboo. If you want to sweeten your breakfast you can use honey or maple syrup.

Preserves: Preserves are to be excluded from the diet. But tomato puree and coconut milk are okay.

Diese Lebensmittel darfst Du bei einer Steinzeit-Diät nicht essen

Effects of the stone age Diet

Paleo dieters report positive effects from changing the foods they eat. Benefits include feeling fitter, more alert, less tired and improved sleep patterns. Bear in mind that these health effects have not been proved by the Paleo diet. It is important that everyone should find out for themselves which diet suits their body best.

Paleo für Sportler zum Aufbau und Erhalt der Muskeln

Paleo for athletes

Athletes require additional energy due to their high physical activity. Therefore, it makes sense for them to have a higher carbohydrate intake. Our Paleo Crunchy mixes contribute high levels of healthy fats (such as omega-3 and saturated fat), a healthy amount of carbohydrates and plenty of protein. Protein is important for maintaining energy levels, and supporting both your metabolism and immune system. Protein is very important in an athletic diet as it helps contribute to muscle endurance, regeneration, maintenance, and building. Athletes can benefit from a Paleo diet because a high intake of carbohydrates and nutrients will help provide the additional energy needed to perform in sports. Starchy foods included in a Paleo diet include yams, pumpkins, plantains, white rice and potatoes, all of which help with energy levels.

how to make paleo work for breakfast

Many people find that breakfast is the most difficult meal to adjust in a Paleo diet as it includes a lot of bread and grains. mymuesli has developed an easy solution to this problem - we developed our Paleo Crunchy muesli mixes. These are made up of a combination of nuts, seeds and fruit. Our Coconut Crunchy and our Apple Crunchy are combined with fresh apples, bananas, figs and berries to make your mornings even better! If you are looking for a milk replacement try adding coconut milk to this bowl of deliciousness. You can also adjust this mix to your liking using our mixer. If you're looking for some more breakfast ideas, discover our recipes below for a Paleo breakfast smoothie and a Paleo breakfast porridge.

Paleo zum Frühstück

Paleo Recipes


Paleo Smoothie

Our fresh Paleo smoothie with berries, roasted nuts and seed is the perfect energy boost in the morning. 

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Paleo Porridge

A low carb alternative to the classical oatmeal, filled with good fats from nuts and coconut chips.

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