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Muesli base

Welcome to the muesli mix page of mymuesli. We are the first start-up allowing you to mix your own individual muesli. Our 80 ingredients are 100% certified organic and without additives. We mix your muesli in our own muesli-manufacture - with 566 quadrillion possible muesli mixes there's something for everyone. First choose a base mix for your muesli. All base mixes are specifically chosen by us to be particularly tasty and a pleasant combination of textures. In the following steps you can refine your chosen muesli base with more tasty ingredients.

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    Eight delicious grains in one muesli base

    Eight delicious grains in one muesli base: a wonderful mix of ancient varieties such as Emmer, Kamut and PurPur wheat, mixed with classic rye, barley, wheat, spelt and oat flakes.

    Ingredients: Retro grains, Emmer flakes, Kamut flakes, PurPur wheat flakes, Spelt flakes, barley flakes, Rye flakes, rye flakes, Oat flakes, oat flakes, Wheat flakes, wheat flakes

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  • Bircher Deluxe

    Perfect for best Bircher muesli

    Our fine porridge flakes are milled exclusively for mymuesli. Let them soak in milk overnight and you´ll wake up to the perfect base for a mouth watering Bircher Muesli. Our suggestion? Don´t forget the grated apple!

    Ingredients: Haferschmelzflocken, fine oat flakes

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  • Chocolate crunch

    Crunchy and chocolatey

    A crunchy muesli base with added organic chocolate. But no need for guilt: this mix is packed with nutritious wholegrain oats from local growers. So dear chocoholics: go for it!

    Ingredients: Chocoholic crunchies, oat flakes, raw cane sugar, unhydrogenated palm butter, wheat flakes, puffed rice, cocoa powder, wheat syrup, desiccated coconut, honey, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, sea salt*, Oat flakes

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  • Chocolate dream

    A must have for chocolate muesli!

    Chocolate Dream is our most popular muesli base and is the perfect starting point for a scrumptious chocolate muesli with loads of cocoa. So what else can you add to truly fulfil your chocolate dream? We know from experience that pretty much all of our ingredients go well with this base, but true chocoholics choose from our chocolate-dipped fruits for a real chocolate high. If you are not sure that mixture will agree with your waistline - no worries - your Chocolate Dream muesli will be tasty no matter how healthy the ingredients you add.

    Ingredients: Oat flakes, oat flakes, Oat bran, oat bran, Dark chocolate, cocoa mass, raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, Chocolate corn flakes, maize, whole milk powder, glazing agent gum arabic, sea salt*, maize malt, Chocolate puffs, rice, cane sugar, cocoa powder, wheat, barley, oats, barley malt, Cacao powder

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  • Crunchy and oat

    The crunchiest base mix

    This is without doubt our crunchiest muesli mix! Complete with delicious crunchies and refined with oat flakes, this baseÔs crispiness can hardly be beaten. We promise you wonÔt find a crunchier muesli no matter how hard you try. But donÔt take our word for it; taste for yourself!

    Ingredients: Oat crunchy, oat flakes, wheat flakes, unrefined cane sugar, shredded oats, unhydrogenated palm butter, barley flakes, puffed rice, honey, cinnamon, Oat flakes

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  • Crunchy honey granola

    Organic oat flakes coated and baked in honey

    Our granola base is made of organic oat flakes coated and baked in honey, making them particularly crunchy and softly sweet. We love this base with coconut flakes. A must try!

    Ingredients: Granola Crunchy, oat flakes, honey, sunflower oil, Oat flakes

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  • Damn nutritious

    Everything good from the field

    A mix for traditionalists, this base contains the classic cereals with a healthy promise. For more flavour we recommend combining it with fruits or nuts and soon you will be saying, ÒHey tin, I want you, so come over here you classy muesli, you!Ó

    Ingredients: barley flakes, Spelt flakes, spelt flakes, Oat flakes, oat flakes

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  • Five grains

    An organic whole grain classic

    The five grains mix is very popular with our muesli aficionados. Hardly surprising: this base contains the superstars of the grain world. You simply cannot go wrong with this basic mix.

    Ingredients: barley flakes, Spelt flakes, spelt flakes, Wheat flakes, wheat flakes, Rye flakes, rye flakes, Oat flakes, oat flakes

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  • Poppy seed power

    Let seduce you!

    The underappreciated powerhouse in muesli? Poppy seeds. Poppy Seed Power also includes buckwheat and wholemeal cornflakes, because we do admit: Only poppy seeds? That couldnt pass for muesli at all.

    Ingredients: barley flakes, Poppy seeds, poppy seeds, Wholemeal corn flakes, maize, buckwheat flakes

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  • Protein-Basis

    Start with 25% pure vegetable protein

    Finally you can mix your own protein muesli. Our base of nourishing oats and mildly nutty SOCAS protein flakes contains 25 % pure vegetable protein. The protein flakes are made from soybeans, grown in the regions of Germany and Austria. The content of phyto-estrogens ( genistein and daidzein ) are reduced by a special manufacturing process by 90%. It's best to mix more protein-rich ingredients like nuts and seeds , for example, hemp nuts or chia seeds. The protein level in your muesli changes depending on added ingredient. Under "Nutritional information per 100g" and below the ingredients in the mixer, you can view the protein level in your muesli at any time. You can add more protein under "Refine muesli base" with additional SOCAS protein flakes.

    Ingredients: Oat flakes, oat flakes, soya flakes

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  • Pure oat flakes

    For purists and individualists

    Due to popular demand (and not just from the purists) mymuesli now offers our wholemeal oat flakes as a muesli base. These tasty flakes can of course be dressed up with more ingredients in the Òenhance your muesli baseÓ section. Minimalists on the other hand, can dig in and enjoy the pure flavour of these classic oats.

    Ingredients: Oat flakes, oat flakes

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  • Retro grains

    Grains with bite

    A retro feel and a focus on local foods gave us the inspiration for this new muesli base. Now at mymuesli you can enjoy the strong and nutty flavours of emmer, wheat, kamut and spelt in your delectable breakfast combo.

    Ingredients: Emmer flakes, emmer flakes, Kamut flakes, kamut flakes, PurPur wheat flakes, PurPur-wheat flakes, Spelt flakes, spelt flakes

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  • Tropica

    Palms, flakes, beaches, grains

    The honey pops and coconut flakes of our tropica base will have you dreaming about sunny days and palm trees. Add some dried pineapple, mango or papaya and you will practically be at the beach. Who needs a vacation when the tropics are just a breakfast away?

    Ingredients: Oat flakes, oat flakes, barley flakes, Honey & wheat puffs, puffed wheat, honey, Coconut flakes, desiccated coconut

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  • Wednesday

    A mixture for every day!

    Our Wednesday mix is a home run with its wholesome combination of cereals and its compatibility with all of our other ingredients. The crunchy rye flakes will add just the kick you need to get over your midweek slump. But make no mistake, our Wednesday mix is good all week long!

    Ingredients: Oat flakes, oat flakes, Rye flakes, rye flakes, Wheat flakes, wheat flakes

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  • White Plains

    White simplicity: Straightforward and classic

    For snow bunnies: a softer mix (MaxÔs favourite!). Subtle in taste this is the ideal base for a tasty combination of nuts and fruit. On this exquisite, pure base their flavours really shine!

    Ingredients: Spelt flakes, spelt flakes, buckwheat flakes, Amaranth flakes, amaranth flakes

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Refine base

Now you can fine-tune your muesli base with further tasty grains and seeds. You would like to mix a healthy muesli? Why don’t you try our Soya-Flakes, Quinoa-Flakes or Linseeds? These ingredients are either rich in protein (Soya-Flakes, Quinoa-Flakes) or offer a high portion of fibres (Linseeds).

  • Amaranth flakes

    A combination of history and modernity | £0.30 (20g)

    Amaranth is one of the oldest cereals cultivated by man (note: sticklers like to point out that amaranth is not really a cereal at all and that what you are really eating are the seeds of the grains of the plant). Amaranth is currently all the buzz in the cereal world and you won´t want to miss this tasty guy on your muesli. Plus we offer the organic version for even better taste. Like soy, amaranth is an ingredient with great potential to recharge your batteries after an exhausting day! Please note that we also offer amaranth pops for all those who find flakes too soft.

    Ingredients: amaranth flakes

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  • Amaranth puffs

    Show trendiness | £0.30 (10g)

    They are so tasty. Seriously! Truth be told we were really excited when we discovered this ingredient a while ago. Who knew you could make such delectable things out of amaranth. So if amaranth flakes are too soft for your taste, try these guys for a crunchier experience!

    Ingredients: puffed amaranth

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  • barley flakes

    Wholemeal, organic - simply delicious | £0.20 (25g)

    Among other things, barley is employed in the production of whiskey. However, for many countries barley is foremost a staple food (in some cases whiskey is too). We, on the other hand, place great faith in barley as a muesli ingredient. Especially for wholemeal lovers like us, they are a real treat - and super healthy! You can also find them in the Tropica and Five Grain muesli base´s.

    Ingredients: barley flakes

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  • Buckwheat flakes

    Great potential with many vital substances | £0.35 (20g)

    Thanks to its vital substances and great taste, buckwheat is a common and popular ingredient in cooking - but it also has great potential as a component of mueslis. Buckwheat is a very sensitive plant - possibly the reason why its cultivation has decreased over the last couple of years. We find this to be a shame as buckwheat is mild yet tasty and contains many vital components perfect for your muesli.

    Ingredients: buckwheat flakes

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  • Crispy spelt flakes

    extravagant cornflake alternative | £0.35 (20g)

    Spelt Flakes - perfect for those who are searching for a bit of luxury with an ecological flair in their muesli, and a wonderful alternative to the traditional cornflakes. With their strong and unparalleled taste you have nothing to lose (and a lot to gain...) if you give them a try.

    Ingredients: wholemeal spelt flour, raw cane sugar, maize malt, sea salt*

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  • Honey & wheat puffs

    Bio-Boons aus Weizen mit Honig gesüßt | £0.30 (20g)

    Our organic cereal puffs have absolutely nothing in common with the mass products you get at your local supermarket. And we love them: they simply make muesli a little more exciting and they are really very crunchy (provided you don‘t let them drown in milk too long!). They are sweetened with honey so there is no need for additional sugar. But remember: always keep the can closed properly so the puffs don‘t get soft.

    Ingredients: puffed wheat, honey

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  • Linseeds

    Oldschool, but healthy and mildly nutty | £0.20 (20g)

    Originally cultivated solely for fabric and cloth production, flaxseed (or linseed) has recently gained popularity amongst alternative health professionals, health food fanatics and the staff at mymuesli alike! Max is a real devotee and likes to combine linseeds with wholemeal flakes and the Chocolate Dream base mix!

    Ingredients: flax seeds

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  • Oat bran

    Effective when cholesterol levels | £0.35 (25g)

    Oat bran is a nutritious powerhouse. Recognised as beneficial in the treatment of high cholesterol and diabetes, you can‘t go wrong when you pile on the oats!

    Ingredients: oat bran

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  • Oat flakes

    Cereal classic with cult status | £0.20 (25g)

    In order to make these flakes, our oats are first steamed and then crushed. Its well worth the trouble: our oat flakes are ideal to kick-start your day or for a muesli snack in between, because “oat flakes for breakfast provide a boost for slack, stressed-out, exhausted men’s bodies” (Men’s Health). These energiser flakes are often used as a nutritious supplement in bodybuilding; so, pump it up and enjoy!

    Ingredients: oat flakes

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  • Plantago seeds

    wirken sättigend und verdauungsregulierend | £0.45 (20g)

    Plantago seeds have a unique ability to swell in your stomach, leaving you comfortably full for hours and regulating your digestion. What is more, studies showed that these little seeds help your body transport pollutants out of your system and have a positive impact on cholesterol glucose values. All of this comes with a very understated yet delicious taste.

    Ingredients: plantago seeds

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  • Poppy seeds

    Beware, cereal-addictive! | £0.30 (25g)

    Elaine from one of our favourite sitcoms “Seinfeld” was tested positively for opiates due to her almost obsessive love of poppy seed muffins (has anyone recorded the episode by the way?). You would have to eat huge amounts of our muesli, however, to reach that kind of opiate level! We recommend muesli with poppy seeds in combination with corn crispers which you can find in the extras. Warning: this muesli combination is addictive!

    Ingredients: poppy seeds

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  • Quinoa flakes

    A South American grain-star | £0.30 (20g)

    Just like amaranth, quinoa is originally from South America. Both are grown at high altitudes where ordinary cereals like corn and wheat would throw the towel. We love quinoa because it goes with just about everything from chocolate muesli to a fruit cereal bomb. In addition to being widely compatible, quinoa is a sophisticated ingredient taking your muesli to the next level.

    Ingredients: quinoa flakes

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  • Rye flakes

    Not only in bread really delicious | £0.20 (25g)

    Our organic rye flakes are a must-try. We have no clue why rye is considered an underdog in the muesli scene, and mymuesli seeks to alter that status. You will find it in our Five Grains basic mix, and it is also a great choice to refine any other basic mixes.

    Ingredients: rye flakes

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  • Sesame

    Has proven itself thousands of years | £0.25 (25g)

    Sesame are one of the oldest cultivated plants in the world and is famous for its nutritious oils. About half of the sesame seed is wholesome oils, often recommended as a good second choice to olive oil. We think this is reason enough to add sesame seeds to your mix!

    Ingredients: sesame

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  • Spelt flakes

    Hearty and tasty | £0.20 (25g)

    Our organic spelt flakes are a great bet for those of us who need lots of energy (not to mention the healthy nutrients they contain!) Spelt was cultivated as early as the stone age and even today the plant still has much to offer. Apart from wheat, spelt has the largest quantities of essential nutrients of any cereal. What‘s just as important: spelt is scrumptious!

    Ingredients: spelt flakes

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  • Spelt puffs

    Of course, organic and with no added sugar | £0.30 (20g)

    Our organic cereal puffs have absolutely nothing in common with the mass-produced puffs you get in the supermarket and this is true of both our spelt and honey versions. Don‘t let them soak too long in milk though and always close the container to keep these guys nice and crunchy. The spelt puffs are perfect for all muesli fans who don‘t like it too sweet. And if you do, well then the honey version is perfect for you.

    Ingredients: puffed spelt

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  • Wheat flakes

    The underestimated energy supplier | £0.20 (25g)

    Wheat is the most widely cultivated cereal in the world. We love wheat as a source of energy. Whether on an exhausting day in the muesli factory or on a quest for for new muesli ingredients - Wheat Flakes do the trick.

    Ingredients: wheat flakes

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  • Wholemeal corn flakes

    Whole grain flakes from organic cultivation | £0.30 (20g)

    Here’s a fact that some of you may not be aware of: cornflakes were invented by the doctor Harvey Kellogg and his brother Keith in 1894. Legend has it that it was a complete coincidence. Anyway, cornflakes have remained in style since! Our organic cornflakes are wholemeal products from corn grown in Germany. All ingredients used in the production process are organic. Just to remind you: all our products are organic.

    Ingredients: maize

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Don’t forget to mix yummy fruits into your muesli. The delicious dried fruits come in perfect muesli portions. To increase the portion of a given fruit just click on it twice!

  • Apple

    A classic. No more words needed. | £0.45 (25g)

    Just like all mymuesli ingredients, the mymuesli apples are all organic. We leave the peal on our dried apples so you can enjoy all the nutrients mother nature put in the apple. Real apple lovers know that there is no other way! Peeled apples? Preposterous!

    Ingredients: dried apple pieces

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  • Apricot

    Taste deliciously sweet and act bioactive | £0.40 (45g)

    Translated the word apricot means plum from armenia. Surprisingly enough, apricots came to Armenia from China! Later the Turks cultivated apricots in Hungary. Today the fruit is grown in the Mediterranean area. Like all of our other fruit, the apricots are dried and cut into small pieces.

    Ingredients: dried apricot cubes, rice flour

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  • Aronia beries

    exciting sour and healthy | £0.70 (30g)

    Must all berries be sweet? Of course not! The aronia berries are captivating for their tangy flavour which is reminiscent of the red currant. Which makes it perfect for combination with a few sweet ingredients, delicious. The aronia berry holds the title of super fruit because of all its wonderful health benefits.

    Ingredients: dried chokeberries

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  • Banana

    Finally not fried! | £0.65 (15g)

    We know bananas make you happy; they make us happy, too. But what makes us even happier is the opportunity to provide you with something special: Freeze-dried bananas! What is so special about these freeze-dried bananas? Well, unlike traditional bananas in muesli our bananas are not fried. This allows for not only for a lower fat-content in your muesli but also a far more authentic banana taste! We use carefully selected cavendish bananas for the best possible taste. The cavendish banana was originally grown in South Asia and is now cultivated in Colombia.

    Ingredients: freeze-dried banana slices

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  • Black currants

    | £0.95 (15g)

    Ingredients: freeze-dried blackcurrants

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  • Blueberries

    The blue delicacy | £1.05 (15g)

    Blueberries are considered something of a delicacy, and we understand why. The blueberries we use are cultivated and freeze-dried specifically for us on a small organic farm in Germany. Blueberries go well with bananas in muesli but beware - your milk may have a purplish hue when you‘re done.

    Ingredients: freeze-dried blueberries

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  • Cranberries

    The trend fruit from the USA | £0.65 (25g)

    Cranberries have been known for their health benefits for centuries. In fact, the Native Americans have been using cranberries to heal various ailments for as far back as anyone can remember. Please keep in mind that they are sweetened with apple syrup.

    Ingredients: dried cranberries, apple syrup

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  • Dates

    Give each cereal a touch of the Orient | £0.40 (45g)

    The fruit of the date palm, dates were one of the first fruits to have been cultivated by man. In many religions they remain a staple today.

    Ingredients: dried date cubes, rice flour

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  • Figs

    Organically sweet and healthy | £0.35 (40g)

    Figs are the quintessential European fruit. In ancient times, figs were appreciated as a source of energy and used as medication. Due to their natural sweetness, they are a healthy alternative to sugar for sweet mueslis.

    Ingredients: dried fig cubes, rice flour

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  • Goji berries

    The miracle cure from Tibet | £1.20 (20g)

    People worldwide are convinced of the health benefits of this Tibetan import which bears many names including wolfberry and western snowberry. Goji berries are also fundamental to traditional medicine in China. Goji berries and all their healthy nutrients pack a vitamin punch and are known to have a variety of anti-ageing benefits. We say: Dig in!

    Ingredients: dried goji berries

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  • Grapes

    Sweet and noble | £0.30 (50g)

    Grapes are an essential muesli ingredient for all muesli fans. They are sun-dried between vines on wax paper. This gives them a unique and delicious taste. Why waste them on wine?

    Ingredients: dried grapes

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  • Mango

    It tastes incredibly authentic and fruity | £0.70 (40g)

    The picking of mangoes can be somewhat of a dangerous process because mango trees can be so huge and harvesters have to climb very high. But it seems to be well worth the risk. In India, mangoes have long been considered a source of goodness and are said to have beneficial effects on cognitive functioning. We can‘t promise mangoes will make you the next Einstein but we do think that their unique and delicious taste is reason enough to add them to your mix!

    Ingredients: dried mango pieces, rice flour

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  • Morello cherries

    Bonjour: Biological morello | £0.75 (35g)

    Sour cherries are also referred to as morello cherries because the best sour cherries are cultivated near the Chateau de Moreilles in France. Although this variety is sour, these cherries have the same healthy nutrients as their sweet relatives.

    Ingredients: dried sour cherries

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  • Papaya (Sold out)

    The fruit of Awarak Indians | £0.65 (40g)

    Papayas are mainly cultivated in tropical and sub-tropical areas. Their taste is subtly sweet and mild. The Arawak Indians call the ten meter high trees the pawpaw tree and their tasty fruit has been supplying the Arawak people with vital nutrients for a long time. Our tip: try our papaya with the Tropica mix!

    Ingredients: dried papaya

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  • Physalis

    Exotic as the name | £0.75 (30g)

    The cape gooseberry or physalis is probably best known for its sweet yet acidic flavour. We have brought it to you all the way from Ecuador to enjoy the exquisite fruit in your muesli. Naturally it is organic and dried such as to preserve its delicious flavour. Tip: this goes great with crunchy base´s.

    Ingredients: dried physalis

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  • Pineapple

    Delicious, exotic and wonderful | £0.65 (30g)

    The word pineapple is a bit misleading. The fruit does not grow on pine trees and is certainly not an apple. But pineapples are so tasty that we don‘t even care! When dried they maintain their tropical goodness, so we hope you, like Phillip, just can‘t do without them!

    Ingredients: dried pineapple

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  • Plums

    A classic: digestion and vitamin-rich. | £0.50 (40g)

    German citizens eat about 1.7kg of plums each a year - no joke. No wonder, given that plums are excellent to support digestion and are ascribed a range of health benefits. Although our all-organic plums are sourced locally in Germany, the fruits origins lie in Armenia and the Caucasus.

    Ingredients: dried and cubed plums, rice flour

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  • Raisins

    Classic cereal ingredient | £0.25 (50g)

    Raisins - love em or hate em. Adding raisins to muesli can be highly controvisial as not everybody likes dried grapes. Nonetheless, we know for a fact that they are healthy - which is why mothers across Germany love using them in their home-baked goodies.

    Ingredients: raisins

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  • Raspberries

    Stillen den Beerenhunger | £0.95 (15g)

    The raspberry has come a long way since coming to continental Europe from Crete. We offer it as whole berries because it just looks gorgeous and tastes fantastic. Try our favourite combination: raspberry with white chocolate!

    Ingredients: freeze-dried raspberries

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  • Strawberries

    The red gold | £1.05 (15g)

    Delicious ruby treasures. These guys are simply mouth-watering in our premium muesli. No matter what your muesli flavour, chocolate or fruit, these strawberries are a must try!

    Ingredients: freeze-dried strawberry pieces

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Nuts & seeds

Nuts and seeds round off a good muesli, giving it a wonderful crunch, a tasty more savoury flavour and adding important nutrients. You would like to mix your own goumet muesli? Don’t miss our delicate pecan nuts or pistachio nuts!

  • Almonds

    Chopped and wonderful | £0.60 (30g)

    Yes, we have heard it before, almonds are stone fruits, not nuts. But we think their taste and texture fits better with the nut family. Our chopped almonds are delicious and nutritious. They go well with just about anything but are particularly delicious in conjunction with the tasty chocolate ingredients that you can find in the Extras section.

    Ingredients: chopped almonds

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  • Brazil nuts

    The power packs | £0.65 (40g)

    The brazil nut is a powerhouse of nutrition in moments of depleted energy, so if you live a high-powered life then this is the nut for you. With its great taste and aroma this nut has us nuts for more!

    Ingredients: Brazil nuts

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  • Cashew nuts

    Our energy supplier | £0.55 (35g)

    We love cashews because of their subtle and well-rounded taste, and because they are super healthy! The cashew tree demands little care, nuts grow in abundance, and fulfil the dreams of nut lovers around the world. What is not to love?

    Ingredients: cashew kernels

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  • Coconut chips

    Indispensable in the tropical muesli | £0.25 (20g)

    A tropical mix without coconut chips is like the Beatles without John Lennon: hard to imagine! So naturally we have included them in our selection. We have, however, opted for the unsweetened version which is healthier.

    Ingredients: cocos chips

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  • Coconut flakes

    Sweet and crunchy ... | £0.25 (20g)

    The coconut flakes are made from the white flesh of the coconut. We love our organic coconut flakes because they make your muesli really crunchy and give it a sweet tropical aroma. For the ideal mix combine the coconut flakes with some tropical fruit!

    Ingredients: desiccated coconut

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  • Hazelnuts

    Für Wikinger und Kelten heilig | £0.60 (40g)

    A useless fact to boast at your next party: Hazelwood is essential for the production of divining rods. Now for something more important: the nuts are real energy packs, full of protein and other essential nutrients. Another fact: its biological name is avellana which means coming from Avelinno (somewhere in Italy). The Romans brought the bush to Italy and cultivated it there.

    Ingredients: hazelnuts

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  • Hemp seeds, peeled

    Expand your consciousness | £0.65 (30g)

    Hemp is an incredible plant. Used by sailors to make ropes back in the day, you can now find it in Chinese movie theatres instead of popcorn. However, in muesli it provides a whole new mind-blowing twist. But don’t worry, you will still be able to drive: the THC content is of course strictly below legal limits. Stripped hemp nuts give your muesli a softer bite.

    Ingredients: peeled hemp seeds

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  • Macadamia nuts

    Luxury nuts for the cereal bowl | £0.95 (35g)

    This tasty nut is named after scientist John McAdams. The macadamia tree bears fruit after about seven years - but will then bear fruit for a century! When they are ripe, macadamias are collected and the skin is peeled off. There is much more to learn about this Australian treasure and if you would like to find out more please contact the Australian Macadamia Society.

    Ingredients: macadamia nuts

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  • Pecan nuts

    Die texanische Staatsnuss | £0.80 (30g)

    Ah, pecans. As a member of the walnut family pecans are a welcome treat in every muesli bowl. Here at mymuesli pecans are a clear favourite, and we think they will be yours too.

    Ingredients: pecan nuts

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  • Pistachio nuts

    For luxury muesli | £1.25 (25g)

    Pistacia vera oder the green almond, the delicate pistachio fruit is harvested from evergreen trees only once very two years. Nonetheless, the pistachio tree can live for several centuries and can survive heatwaves in Southern Europe and the Near East.

    Ingredients: pistachio kernels

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  • Pumpkin seeds

    Ideal supplement for each mix | £0.40 (30g)

    Pumpkin seeds are all-round nutritional talents due to the plethora of healthy components. They are not only a perfect snack during your day but are also a first choice among muesli ingredients. We muesli-lovers particularly like our pumpkin seeds with fruit mueslis. But Max will take them with anything...

    Ingredients: pumpkin seeds

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  • Sunflower seeds

    Crunchy nuts, revitalizing | £0.25 (30g)

    mymuesli organic sunflower seeds are rich in many essential nutrients – extremely healthy so to speak! Ideal for people who work in front of computer screens all day - they are vitalizing for the eyes!

    Ingredients: sunflower seeds

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  • Walnuts

    The royal winter nuts | £0.50 (30g)

    The Romans called walnuts Iovis glans - the royal Jupiter nut. Even at that time they knew: walnuts contain many essential nutrients. We think walnuts are especially great because of their unique taste, and particularly popular during winter.

    Ingredients: walnuts

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Here you can find everything that did not fit in the other categories. You'll find a range of gourmet and indulgent ingredients. Of-course, all ingredients here are also organic.

  • Apple-cinnamon crunchy

    With apple pieces, grains & cinnamon | £0.55 (50g)

    Our organic apple-cinnamon crunchies contain wholemeal cereals, dried apple, amaranth and honey (no raisins!). This fantastic ingredient will blow you away! Better yet, it goes with all mixes, be they chocolatey, fruity or your individual favourite.

    Ingredients: oat flakes, wheat flakes, cane sugar, dried apple pieces, puffed amaranth, unhydrogenated palm butter, honey, cinnamon, sea salt*

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  • Banana chocs

    Coated with white chocolate | £0.55 (30g)

    Our banana chocs are an ideal compromise between fruit and chocolate. The organic banana chips are covered with a delicious white chocolate coating. They’re particularly delicious combined with mymuesli corn crispers or for a particularly fruity taste try them as a balance to more sour fruit like our organic raisins or physalis.

    Ingredients: cane sugar, freeze-dried banana slices, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, coconut oil, glazing agent gum arabic, emulsifier soya lecithin, honey

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  • Chocoholic crunchies

    Crispy and chocolaty | £0.65 (60g)

    Our mymuesli team gets excited everytime we see this ingredient in our muesli. So between us: you MUST to try the crunchies!

    Ingredients: oat flakes, raw cane sugar, unhydrogenated palm butter, wheat flakes, puffed rice, cocoa powder, wheat syrup, desiccated coconut, honey, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, sea salt*

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  • Chocolate corn flakes

    With cocoa for even more chocolate flavor. | £0.40 (30g)

    Our organic chocolate cornflakes, made in Germany, get their unique flavour from a special mix of organic cane sugar with rich cocoa. They are an ideal ingredient in any chocolate muesli and kids just adore them. Our most passionate chocoholics combine this ingredient with our mymuesli chocolate puffs.

    Ingredients: maize, raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, whole milk powder, glazing agent gum arabic, sea salt*, maize malt

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  • Chocolate puffs

    Perfect in chocolate and kids cereals | £0.40 (30g)

    Chocolate puffs are a true cereal classic. And of course you simply cannot compare our organic puffs with the mass products you find in supermarkets around the country. All ingredients we use are 100% organic. Here’s a little hint: to get the chocolate milk effect, just let our chocolate puffs soak in milk a while before eating them in the morning.

    Ingredients: rice, cane sugar, cocoa powder, wheat, barley, oats, barley malt

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  • Chocolate spelt balls

    wholesome and chocolatey | £0.50 (30g)

    Spelt with chocolate? Yes, it actually does work! Whats more? The result is excellent! The reason? Our chocolate spelt balls bridge the best of two worlds: spelt with a high ecological rating and chocolate with all the taste and qualtity you could ask for.

    Ingredients: sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, maize semolina, wholemeal spelt flour, glazing agent gum arabic, sea salt*

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  • Corn crisper

    With white Vivani chocolate | £0.65 (40g)

    Vivani organic chocolate has been quite popular amongst chocolate connoisseurs for some time. Its not hard to imagine why as there is hardly any chocolate that can maintain such a delectable flavour while being 100% organic! Our corn crispers (crunchy flakes made of cornflakes, rice crispies, coconut chips, and other yummy ingredients) are coated with white Vivani chocolate. Max loves this muesli ingredient, so it is always included in his mixes.

    Ingredients: cane sugar, cocoa butter, maize, whole milk powder, desiccated coconut, rice, salt*

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  • Cranberry chocs

    Cranberries coated with white chocolate | £0.90 (40g)

    Like our goji berries, our cranberries are a favourite among our muesli ingredients. Especially produced for us, we now offer them coated in white chocolatey goodness! Truth be told, we would prefer to eat all of them ourselves, but for the good of all we are willing to share...

    Ingredients: dried cranberries, apple syrup, raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, sugar, glazing agent gum arabic, maltodextrin

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  • Dark chocolate

    of dark chocolate (70% cocoa) | £0.50 (40g)

    Dark chocolate with a particularly high cocoa content (70%). A bitter-sweet temptation! Rich in antioxidants and an absolute must for every chocolate muesli.

    Ingredients: cocoa mass, raw cane sugar, cocoa butter

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  • Espresso chocs

    Chocolate-covered espresso beans | £0.95 (40g)

    Espresso chocs are new to our ingredients at mymuesli but well on their way to becoming a classic. Organic espresso beans coated in dark chocolate mean you can save yourself the trouble of morning coffee. Likewise, if you need a quick pick-me-up in the afternoon, a quick muesli break and nosh on these little powerhouses will bring your energy back. This treasure goes well with most of our ingredients, especially the chocolatey and crunchy selections!

    Ingredients: cocoa mass, cane sugar, espresso beans, cocoa butter, honey, glazing agent gum arabic

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  • Honey flakes

    Summ Summ... | £0.60 (30g)

    Honey, meet flake. This tasty combination is another new ingredient at mymuesli. A suggestion from our muesli team: mix it with nuts! They also go extremely well with a berry muesli, and are light owing to their rice flour base.

    Ingredients: honey, rice flour

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  • Oat crunchy

    For real crunchy muesli | £0.65 (75g)

    Oat crunchies are for those who insist on only the crunchiest of mueslis. This ingredient is the main component of our Crunchy and Oat base but is also the perfect addition to a variety of other mixes! Even the softies among muesli lovers admit: the oat crunchy is a super-tasty must-add.

    Ingredients: oat flakes, wheat flakes, unrefined cane sugar, shredded oats, unhydrogenated palm butter, barley flakes, puffed rice, honey, cinnamon

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  • Peanut chocs

    Peanuts in milk chocolate | £0.65 (40g)

    Our organic peanuts - covered in whole milk chocolate - are seriously addictive. So please, feel free to overindulge! We certainly can‘t help it!

    Ingredients: peanuts, cane sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, glazing agent gum arabic, sugar, emulsifier soya lecithin, honey

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  • White chocolate

    The counterpart to the chocolate flakes | £0.55 (40g)

    Long anticipated and finally here, these pieces of white chocolate have awoken our inner sweet tooth and leave us hungry for more! Something for our berry-loving muesli customers: this delectable white chocolate mixes amazingly with any of your favourite berry mixes.

    Ingredients: raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder

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