Dairy free breakfast

dairy free MueSLI

Muesli is an ideal breakfast for those of you who don't include dairy in your diet, especially with so many plant-based milks and yoghurts now available to enjoy it with! It's easy to find out if your favourite muesli is dairy free, simply check the ingredients list on the product page. All our dairy-free mueslis are also shown on this page.

Can't find your favourite flavours? Not to worry! You can create your own dairy free muesli using our online mixer. Simply filter the ingredients by selecting 'lactose free' and you'll find all the ingredients that are suitable for you. We highly recommend the delicious dairy free chocolate ingredients! 

Since our 'dairy-free' mueslis are mixed in the same warehouse as our mueslis containing dairy, they can in theory contain 'traces of milk constituents' in them. Therefore, we have to speak in the terms of low-dairy and non-dairy-free mueslis.

our dairy free mueslis