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It all started at mymuesli in April 2007, when we became the first online startup to allow customers to create their own muesli mix! It was in summer 2005 at a swimming lake where 3 guys from Passau came up with the idea that has creative 12 years of muesli success! If you want to know more about us and why we make muesli, read our whole story.

You can still create your individual organic muesli from around 80 organic ingredients online today, with more than 566 quadrillion possible variations. We have also created a number of pre-mixed mueslis in different categories: from classic Bircher, to Granola, Chocolate, Paleo or even Porridge. 

We discovered our passion for tea in 2013 when looking for really good tea to go alongside our muesli. For many of our muesli friends, tea is part of a good breakfast. As with muesli, we didn't want to make any compromises: the tea should taste good, be 100% organic, easy to prepare and also look nice. At Tree of Tea you will find a selection of the finest organic leaf teas, accessories and sets.