children's breakfast set

bamboo and corn fibre crockery set

 Now even our tiniest muesli fans can enjoy their breakfast in style! We have created a bowl, mug and special muesli spoon in an unmistakeable design. And for when the morning starts with an exciting adventure? This time you can leave the delicate porcelain for Grandma’s coffee table. Our children’s set is made of a mix of bamboo and corn fibres, making it light and less breakable. Top tip: its also a great gift idea!

Children's breakfast set for £9.90 (instead of £16.90)
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for more fun at the breakfast table

Mornings with children could lead to all sorts of adventures...from the Wild West, to space, to Rapunzel's tower, you name it! Wherever your morning takes you, you don't want to be worrying about your crockery breaking when things get rough.