Lerne unsere veganen Müslis kennen!

vegan muesli

Muesli is an great breakfast option for vegans. Surely you've already heard that all our muesli ingredients are 100% certified organically grown and produced free of genetic engineering. It is especially exciting for our vegan muesli friends that we also have mueslis that are suitable for a vegan diet. They contain no animal ingredients, such as honey, which is commonly found in mueslis. When enjoyed with plant-based milks such as almond or oat, you have a truly delicious vegan breakfast. Want to get creative? Then why not try mixing your own vegan muesli in our mixer! Simply filter the ingredients by selecting 'vegan' and you will see all the ingredients suitable for your diet. How about a delicious vegan chocolate muesli mix?


Vegan Bircher Muesli

Our Bircher Muesli is 100% vegan and a great base for overnight oats. Simply prepare the night before by adding a plant-based milk of your choice and refrigerate overnight. In the morning your breakfast is ready for you! 

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Vegan Balance Muesli

The Balance Muesli with no added sugar is a great option for a vegan breakfast. No honey, or other animal products were used in the making of this muesli! Just plenty of naturally sweet fruits.

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Vegane Smoothie Bowl

Mix your own vegan muesli

We have plenty of vegan ingredients to choose from in our mixer, so why not create your own using your favourite flavours. Classic Oats, Crunchy Spelt and Quinoa or Grainfree and Chia? And those are just the vegan bases! Refine with seeds, nuts and other grains, add sweetness with fruits, and don't forget the vegan chocolates. Simply go to the mixer and filter the ingredients by selecting 'vegan'.