Grüner Rooibos Tee. Besonders mild und ein echter Genießer Tipp.


South african green ROOIBOS with lemon

Green Rooibos? Yes exactly. At first we were skeptical too, but this green rooibos tastes wonderfully mild and wonderfully lemony. Its branches are not fermented, but dried gently after harvest under the South African sun. This makes the Green Rooibos, in contrast to his russet brother especially mild. Refined with fruity lemon peel and marigolds a real connoisseur tip!

The correct preparation

Measure the tea leaves

For our ROI LEMON rooibos tea we recommend about 10 to 12 grams of loose tea per litre of water (about 3 to 4 grams per cup). This is how the flavours unfold best!

Water temperature

You should always use water with a temperature of 90 degrees Celsius for our ROI LEMON tea.

Brewing time

Rooibos tea should be allowed to brew for about 5 minutes, which is a bit longer than usual with black tea. Watch how the orange aroma cloud spreads in the water!

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