FRuit tea with peach, apricot and coconut

This tea really makes you feel the light-heartedness of the summer. Because our limited edition Peachy June is a delightful composition of the finest fruits of sweet peaches and apricots, delicate flowers and a hint of coconut. In terms of taste it is perfectly attuned, and not only when drank hot but also cold, developing its full aroma. On hot days Peachy June makes a refreshingly fruity ice tea, and a lovely warming tea for balmy summer evenings - all without caffeine. Try for yourself this summer in a teacup!

Do you agree that the warm season has so much to offer? When the sun is shining outside, we love to make ourselves comfortable on the balcony or terrace with a glass of delicious ice tea. Exactly for these moments, we have created a limited edition summer organic loose leaf tea that we are really proud of: our Peachy June.

The harmonious composition of various fruits and flowers forms the special, sweet and fruity taste that comes about during the infusion of this tea. Whether served hot or cold, the Peachy June exudes its intense summer scent with sweet peaches and apricots. Apple, hibiscus and lemongrass give it fruity fresh notes, which are tamed by the warm exotic coconut.

the correct preparation

Measuring the tea leaves

Peachy June Dosierung

For fruit tea, about 15 to 20 grams of loose tea leaves is recommended per litre of water - that's about 3-4 grams per cup. This is when the fruity aromas unfold best!

Water temperature

Peachy June Wassertemperatur

  Fruit teas such as our Peachy June should always be infused at a water temperature of 80 degrees Celsius.

Brewing time

Peachy June Ziehzeit

You should let fruit tea brew for about 7 to 10 minutes, which is a bit longer than usual with black tea. Look at how the aroma cloud spreads in the tea water!

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