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You can easily reorder your favourite mix anytime? The full list of ingredients is stored in the mix ID. This number is totally unique to your very own custom muesli mix. You can find the mix ID printed on the back of your muesli tube at the bottom. Our mixer has three other great features that we will briefly introduce to you now:

Get started and adjust ingredients

Start your mixing journey by choosing one of our muesli bases. After that you can refine your base with tasty grains and seeds. And to make your muesli mix even more delicious we have a wide variety of nuts, fruits, berries and chocolate.

If you want more grains, nuts, fruits or chocolate you can use the plus (+) sign to add more of that specific ingredient. If you want less amount just press the minus (-) sign. 

If you're not happy with your creation you can start over completely and remove all ingredients with one simple click. 

Nutrition values

With over 80 ingredients and 566 quadrillion possible muesli mixes you can easily get the content you want and need. 

You can see the nutrition values of your own muesli mix anytime while mixing. Simply click on "Nutrition values" on the tube and you'll get an overview of energy, fat, carbohydrates, sugar, fibre, protein and salt per 100g. 

When you press "back" you'll get back to your muesli and can continue with your creation. 

Make your muesli even more unique

You now have the option to customise your muesli tube too! Choose from our many creative designs and add a name and description to your muesli.

Early Bird, Power Breakfast or how about Kirsty's Coco Crunch? The choice is yours so why not get creative!

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