Steinzeit-Diät mit dem neuen Paleo Müsli ohne Getreide und low carb

Paleo Coconut Crunchy

Grain-free paleo Muesli

Our Paleo Coconut Crunchy is perfect for anyone looking for a grain-free paleo muesli or followers of a low-carb diet. The paleo diet, sometimes called the stone-age diet, focuses on eating foods just like our ancestors did. In other words, anything that cavemen could have eaten: meat, fruits, nuts, vegetables and herbs. Grains, sugar and milk are a no-go. As a result, this diet is rich in proteins and healthy fats. By the way, the special paleo blend means that these mueslis have a shelf life of five months.

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paleo coconut crunchy 2go

Our Paleo Coconut Crunchy is also available in a practical 60g pot – perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy a paleo muesli on the go. 

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Grain-free Muesli: What's in the paleo mix?

Our Paleo Crunchy mueslis are grain free, meaning the mix is dominated by nuts and seeds. We include sunflower seeds, hazelnuts, cashews and almonds baked carefully at low temperatures to preserve their goodness. To ensure that the mixture doesn’t get too heavy, we have thrown in some large coconut chips. Together with aromatic freeze-dried raspberries, strawberries and blueberries and  a little honey, this coconut and fruit combo gives these crunchy mueslis some natural sweetness.

Every portion (50g) of Paleo Coconut Crunchy contains just 7.9 g of carbohydrates. The savoury nut flavour balances well with the sweeter fruits, making it an ideal snack between meals. We love Paleo Coconut Crunchy with yoghurt - just mix 50g of Paleo muesli with yoghurt and you are good to go! True Paleo fans can enjoy their muesli with almond milk, coconut milk or fruit juice.

Paleo-Diät mit Müsli ohne Getreide, Kokos und Nüssen

Eigenes Steinzeit-Müsli mixen

Mix your own paleo muesli!

You can put together your own Paleo Crunchy using our Paleo base with extra-large coconut chips as well as nuts and seeds carefully baked at low temperatures. The coconut chips are not only packed with healthy fats, they also ensure that this nutty muesli mix does not get too heavy and that any extra ingredients are distributed evenly throughout the base. Whether you prefer yours fruity, chocolatey or with extra nuts – get creative and mix your dream Paleo muesli today!

Ingredients (100% organic)

mymuesli contains organic ingredients only and does without any colourings, flavourings or flavour enhancers. Always. Promise.

Paleo Coconut Crunchy is an organic muesli with these delicious ingredients:

Nutrition values

per 100g
Caloric value 626 kcal / 2589 kJ
Fat 54.4g
...thereof saturated fatty acids 24.3g
Carbohydrates 16.1g
…of which sugar 10.1g
Fibre 10.5g
Protein 12.8g
Salt 0.26g

List of ingredients

paleo nut crunchy (70%) (sunflower seeds, roasted hazelnuts, cashew kernels, desiccated coconut, almonds, honey, coconut fat, sea salt*), cocos chips (26%), freeze-dried raspberries (2%), freeze-dried strawberry pieces (1%), freeze-dried blueberries (1%). May contain traces of cereals containing gluten, other nuts, peanuts, soya, lupin, eggs, celery, sesame seeds and milk

Taste flower

Our taste flower shows you what you can expect in terms of taste and consistency.
  • sweet
  • crispy
  • sour
  • mushy
  • fruity

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