When we celebrate at mymuesli we do it with good music, delicious food and an incredible atmosphere. Of course, we prefer to celebrate together. Before we all meet again for our annual Christmas party, we will celebrate our 12th mymuesli birthday. A few Berlin colleagues will show you how it's done ...

celebrate with breakfast

mymuesli Jubiläum - Teammitglied Steffi mit dem Strawberry Cheesecake

Steffi - Production ManagerSteffi - our product manager, likes to celebrate with as many friends as possible. Steffi starts the day with a hot shower. The kettle is put on and she sits down to enjoy some fruit and her favourite muesli, all washed down with a warm cup of tea. Her new favourite? The Strawberry Cheesecake muesli, she created it herself! Steffi is always one of the first in the office. She cycles to work and has done most of her work before her colleagues arrive. She is very well balanced!


Nadine – Graphic design, likes to celebrate in a cozy bar with her girls. She doesn't have breakfast until noon, although she is usually in the office by 7. When she finally takes a moment to eat she prefers porridge with lots of fruit and yoghurt ... "Absolutely no milk!" In the morning she often asks herself what day it is and advises us: "Nobody should talk me through for a long time"... her words not ours! 

Her dream for the office? A big chocolate fountain ... And her advice? If you struggle to get out of bed in the morning: "Deactivate the snooze function and get up immediately".

Nadine, mymuesli Mitarbeiterin mit ihrem Lieblingsporridge


2 Teammitglieder von mymuesli - Dominique und Stacy feiern zum Jubiläum

Domi – Market Manager for Holland & Belgium, enjoys drinking cocktails, especially with her colleague and friend Anastasia (Stacy). She prefers berries and crunchy muesli and starts the day with music and a cup of tea. How does it work perfectly? Get up early, walk in the sun and master your to-do list with a bowl of Paleo Kokos Nut Crunchy. Funnily enough, there is a certain parallel to her colleague Stacy ...

Anastasia – Market Manager for Sweden, 

loves puffed amaranth and loves to have breakfast outside in the sun. A funny tradition, which she introduced to us, is also her favourite memory from her time at mymuesli: "The annual Swedish Midsommar Lunch, where I force everyone to sing Swedish schnapps songs". What happens to her right after getting up? "I drink a big glass of water" (Domi's answer was: "Water!"). Well, if Midsommar isn't celebrated more often ...

celebrate in your sleep...

Philipp, Data Scientist von mymuesli mit seinen Lieblings-Chocs

Philipp – Data Scientist,

also enjoys going out with his colleagues to celebrate. He is usually one of the last to come to the office. That's a good thing, because according to his own statement his "morning grumpiness" doesn't go away until 10 o'clock. But then he gives 100 percent - as with table tennis in the lunch break. What else does he think makes a perfect day? At least one loud laugh and a completely ticked off to-do list. Celebrate with us and make our 12th birthday as unforgettable as Philipp's favourite mymuesli moment. His first Christmas party was "a single, long and beautiful moment".

Das ganze Team feiert gemeinsam das Jubiläum