Blueberry Cheesecake Porridge mit Mini-Butterkeksen.

blueberry cheesecake porridge

We're celebrating mymuesli's 12th birthday with a very special porridge... yes, it even tastes like a birthday cake! Cheesecake Lovers pay attention, because our combination of tender oat flakes and crunchy mini butter cookies forms the ideal base for a cheesecake porridge, with only 3.9 grams of sugar per 40g portion. It becomes creamy with our melt-in-the-mouth cream cheese flakes. With fruity blueberries this makes for an unbeatable combination - love at first spoon! We wish you a happy breakfast on our birthday!


the cheesecake debates

Biscuit crumbs over shortcrust pastry, cream cheese over cottage cheese, blueberries over no blueberries, these are the arguments many cheesecake fans make when choosing American cheesecake over the German cheesecake. We also love the combination of these ingredients and are pleased to announce the creation of our new Blueberry Cheesecake Porridge - with mini butter biscuits, cream cheese flakes and blueberries. 

cheesecake, the german way

Thanks to several German-language names such as "Topfentorte", "Quarktorte" or "Käsewehe" one might think that it was the Germans that invented the cheesecake. We are also creative when it comes to the implementation: there is the classic cake with base, without base, as a tear cake with a base layer and even as a cooked version, with pre-cooked cream made from milk, sugar, butter and starch. Any cheesecake can also be refined - almost as good as your favourite muesli. Japan also has its very own cake variant: there the cheesecake usually consists only of eggs, white chocolate and cream cheese.

Porridge als perfektes Frühstück mit frischen Blaubeeren.

a cake makes history

Asia, America or Europe? The first traditional cheesecake recipe actually comes from a Greek physicist named Aigimos. The Romans probably took over the ancient preparation of the popular cake. Cheesecake as we know it today was first found at the end of the 14th century in a French cookbook called Le Viandier. In 1598 Germans started to make it. The oldest German recipe comes from a cookbook by Anna Wecker. Almost a hundred years later, the Complete Nuremberg Cookbook even contains several recipes for "Eyer-Käß-Dorten" - the Franks "widder" ... History is also written in 2019: with the first cheesecake muesli being made by mymuesli at our factory in Passau. Enjoy it!