Wait, what? Salty muesli? No way ! Yes way!      

Berry Salted Caramel Granola comes around the corner with some fruity berry power, a sweet note of caramel and a hint of a salty taste. Our Salted Caramel Crispies will drive you mad with their deliciousness. The perfect match: oats baked in honey and crunchy sunflower seeds. Raspberries, blueberries and yummy cranberries add a natural sweetness to this special muesli creation. 

Our Berry Salted Caramel – a culinary highlight for your breakfast table! 

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Ingredients (100% organic)

mymuesli contains organic ingredients only and does without any colourings, flavourings or flavour enhancers. Always. Promise.

Berry Salted Caramel Granola is an organic muesli with these delicious ingredients:

Nutrition values

per 100g
Caloric value 404 kcal / 1697 kJ
Fat 12.9g
...thereof saturated fatty acids 2.8g
Carbohydrates 56.6g
…of which sugar 18.8g
Fibre 8.6g
Protein 11.2g
Salt 0.33g

List of ingredients

granola crunchy (44%) (oat flakes, honey, sunflower oil), oat flakes, sunflower seeds (9%), dried apple pieces, choco-crisp with natural caramel aroma (8%) (sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, wheat flour, sea salt*, cocoa mass, wholemeal oat flour, emulsifier soya lecithin, barley malt flour, baking agent sodium carbonate*, honey, glazing agent gum arabic, vanilla powder, natural aroma*), crispy spelt flakes (wholemeal spelt wheat flour, barley malt flour, sea salt*), dried cranberries (4%), apple syrup, freeze-dried blueberries (2%), freeze-dried raspberries (2%).
May contain traces of nuts, peanuts, lupin, egg, mustard and sesame seeds.

Taste flower

Our taste flower shows you what you can expect in terms of taste and consistency.
  • sweet
  • crispy
  • sour
  • mushy
  • fruity

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