organic muesli

Organic muesli - pure and simple

Our ingredients are the most important part of our muesli and that's why we never compromise on their quality. We only use organic ingredients from certified sources, as that's the way that nature intended it. We also firmly believe that organic ingredients simply taste better too.

all organic muesli are made from top-notch quality, certified organic ingredients

Top-notch product quality

Every one of our mueslis is mixed with loving care and the highest quality standards at our workshop in Passau. We are also committed to maintaining strict hygiene standards and careful adhering to all applicable food production guidelines.

The production of our organic mueslis is monitored and regularly checked by independent experts from food supervisory bodies. We are certified in line with the HACCP standard (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), a preventative approach to food safety originally developed for NASA.

We source our ingredients from selected producers, suppliers and traders from around the globe. Maintaining close contact with our business partners also plays a vital role in ensuring outstanding product quality. Wherever possible, we buy our organic ingredients from regional farmers and producers based close to our workshop in Passau (however we are still searching for a Bavarian farmer who grows goji berries!). The high standards of our organic sources are also guaranteed by our membership in the Biokreis association. Biokreis is a group dedicated to organic agriculture and healthy eating. We apply their strict standards which go over and above the EU Eco-regulation - ensuring that every spoonful is what it promises to be.

Our muesli workshop

After two years of planning and development, our dream finally became a reality in 2011 - we launched the mymuesli mix machine, the world's first fully automated organic muesli mixing machine. This machine is responsible for mixing more than 566 quadrillion possible muesli combinations. We had to build the entire workshop around this system, and we found the perfect location to do so right in the heart of Passau. 

Our Head of Production Cornelia Bauer coordinates all the processes within our muesli workshop and ensures that only the best ingredients make it into your breakfast bowl. If you are not completely satisfied with your muesli or you have any other questions about our products, production methods or quality, please feel free to get in touch. Conny and the rest of the mymuesli team are always happy to answer any questions you might have.

High quality cereals thanks to organic quality ingredients

Bio-Müsli von mymuesli bio-zertifiziert

Certified organic muesli

As a provider of organic muesli, we are subject to the EU Eco-regulation which means regular inspections. The inspection body responsible for mymuesli is ÖkoP Zertifizierungs GmbH, pursuant to EU Eco-regulation (EEC) 2092/91, code no. DE-037. Only companies that fulfil the standards of the EU Eco-regulation and allow themselves to be inspected are permitted to carry the organic signet. The use of this signet is monitored by the German Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection. You can find more information on this and organic foods in Germany here:

We decided to go over and above the requirements of the EU Eco-regulation, and become a member of Biokreis. This organic growing association is committed to promoting and networking organic farmers and food producers, and preserving traditional farming on the basis of organic agriculture.

To achieve this, Biokreis uses regional structures which facilitate fair partnerships between organic farmers and food producers. Biokreis has set up strict organic standards for growing and production that go beyond those set by the EU. You can get more information on Biokreis here: