Cranberry pistachio Granola

Our Cranberry Pistachio Granola makes for a real taste explosion in your mouth. For the granola base our oatmeal is baked in honey making it extra crispy. Golden brown and satisfyingly sweet, the flakes go perfectly with the tart flavours of cranberries, raspberries and sour cherries. Noble pistachios and crunchy cashews give the organic muesli the necessary bite. Warning: Addictive!

Granola or muesli?

Granola is in fact... baked muesli! However, unlike our crispy-sweet muesli made from oats, barley, wheat flakes, puffed rice and cane sugar, the granola base contains only oatmeal. This is baked crisp in organic honey, giving a pleasant, subtle sweetness. Granola therefore tastes particularly delicious with tart or sour ingredients, such as cherries or raspberries.

Granola erhält beim Backen eine dezente süße.

Ingredients (100% organic)

mymuesli contains organic ingredients only and does without any colourings, flavourings or flavour enhancers. Always. Promise.

Cranberry Pistachio Granola is an organic muesli with these delicious ingredients:

Nutrition values

per 100g
Caloric value 436 kcal / 1828 kJ
Fat 18g
...thereof saturated fatty acids 4g
Carbohydrates 51g
…of which sugar 13g
Fibre 9g
Protein 14g
Salt 0.03g

List of ingredients

oat flakes, honey, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, cashew kernels, dried sour cherries, pistachio kernels, desiccated coconut, dried cranberries, sunflower oil, apple syrup, freeze-dried raspberries
Notes for allergic persons: Can contain gluten, nuts, peanuts, soy, lupines, sesame and milk.

Taste flower

Our taste flower shows you what you can expect in terms of taste and consistency.
  • sweet
  • crispy
  • sour
  • mushy
  • fruity

  • Lactose-free
  • high fiber
    high fiber
  • non-GMO
  • Protein
  • Vegan

Muesli bread Recipe

Homemade muesli bread - bread making have never been so simple. Our cranberry pistachio granola gives the muesli bread that extra something. Honey-sweet granola blends perfectly with crunchy nuts, sour cherries and raspberries. Can be enjoyed both sweet with fruity jam, and savoury with ham or cream cheese - this muesli bread is a surprisingly delicious treat!