Tee Zubehör im Set | Tea Maker Set
Tea Maker Set

Tea Maker Set

Prepare and serve tea at lightning speed with our Tea Maker set. The Tea Maker fits perfectly into our double walled Tea Glass, which keeps hot tea warm for longer and iced tea cooler for longer. Choose your tea, brew, and let it fill the glass: its as simple as that!

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Capacity: Tea Maker: 450 ml;

Tea Glass: 400 ml

Cleaning: dishwasher or by hand

Material: Prep: TRITAN plastic (free of BPA);

Tea strainer: metal;

Tea glass: Borosilicate glass

Miscellaneous: Tea glass: microwaveable

Dimensions (tea glass): Height: 11 cm; Ø (widest point): 10.5 cm; Ø (upper edge): 9.5cm

tEa preparation in the tea maker

Making tea has never been so easy. That's how it works: 
1. Pour 2-3 teaspoons of loose leaf tea into the Tea Maker.

2. fill Tea Maker with hot water

3. brew tea according to taste and variety

4. place Tea Maker on the glass

5. let the tea pass into the glass and enjoy!

With our Tea Maker Set you can prepare delicious iced tea in just a few minutes. Fill the Tea Maker with hot water up to the lower edge of the tea flower, let your tea brew according to variety and taste and then place the Tea Maker on the tea glass filled with ice cubes. Now you can refine the tea with delicious fruits and herbs. The perfect summer drink is ready!