Bircher Müsli Rezept

how to prepare your own bircher muesli

The mymuesli overnight oats can be prepared quick and easy according to a simple recipe. Here's how it's done:

So gelingt die Bircher Müsli Zubereitung.

Step 1: Grate the apple into a large bowl using the coarse side of the grater.

Remember, not all apples are the same. In general, suitable apples taste slightly sour and are easy to grate. A granny smith apple, for example, would make an excellent choice! 

One apple per serving should be about right.

Tip: To prevent the apples from browning add a squeeze of lemon once grated. This also adds a refreshing flavour to the muesli.

Bircher-Müsli klassisches Rezept.

Step 2: Add cereal, milk and water.

Now it's time to mix the grated apple with our Bircher muesli. We recommend about 80g of muesli per serving. Gradually add milk to the bowl until the flakes are well covered - the muesli will soak up a lot of the liquid! If preferred you can add a dash of water or a few tablespoons of apple juice to the mix. Finally, give everything stir and our Bircher muesli is almost ready...

Tip: True Bircher nostalgics swear by adding cream instead of milk for a more indulgent breakfast.

Bircher Müsli nach schweizer Art.

Step 3: Allow to refrigerate... and enjoy!

A few hours in the fridge will do, but for your best Bircher we recommend overnight. This allows for the muesli to really absorb all the milk, making it extra creamy and delicious. Of course, in case of emergency, Bircher muesli can also be prepared before a quick morning workout to be enjoyed after.

Want to refine the flavours of your Bircher? Start with the Deluxe Bircher base in our Mixer, and then you can experiment according to your personal taste.