The story of our own organic muesli began with a car journey: We were on the way to a lake for a swim and heard the radio ad of a well-known German muesli company. A few hours later we agreed: Not only did we want to make better radio ads - why not also make better muesli? It should be organic without added flavours or colours, and sugar-free. Most importantly it should be individually customisable.

However, muesli is an ideal customisation product owing to its different ingredients and myriad combination options. None of the traditional muesli producers had used its potential yet.

We thought that was surprising. After all, muesli fill shelf after shelf in supermarkets. And its hard to find anyone who doesn't like muesli.

Users can determine online content on a range of issues for a long time now - but until recently they did not have good, customisable online options for their breakfast table Britta Hesener,

2007 was a very exciting year for us: on April 30th we went online with mymuesli. After just two weeks we were sold out. In addition we won the founders' award of the Financial Times Germany, enable2start, the BayernOnline prize, a multimedia founders' prize of the German federal ministry of economics and were voted startup of the year 2007 by a jury of the online magazine Deutsche Startups. Just before the end of the year we also moved to a new production site. Now everything is nicer, bigger, more comfortable and better. We and the whole mymuesli team have settle well into our new home.

For 2008 we also planned a lot, such as expanding in Europe. And finally muesli fans in the UK and in Switzerland could customise their muesli. In Binningen, Basel, we opened a second office and a smaller factory.

In 2009 the Netherlands also had the privilege of enjoying our mueslis. And the team grew further. Now we already had a bit of experience and could deal with the expansion of business aorund Christmas in a more routined manner - without the previous supply chain problems we encountered.

2010 and 2011 were amazing: We moved again to a new factory and a new office; in addition our unique muesli mix machine started work, automatically preparing 566 quadrillion different muesli varieties.

In 2012 we opened two local mymuesli stores in Munich and in Regensburg.