the mymuesli production site

Before your favourite muesli arrives at your door, it has a long journey ahead. At our factory in the muesli capital of Passau, our organic mueslis are mixed, canned, packaged and shipped 6 days a week to the highest standard of quality. The many hands from our production team take the utmost care to lovingly prepare your very own favourite muesli.

Our mission: We want to mix the best muesli in the world for you. That is an ambitious claim, and demands a lot of care from us. But if you put together your organic muesli with us, we can assure that it will meet your expectations - and maybe even exceed! We pay extra attention and care to our production and inspect our products regularly.

Anton Friedberger - called Toni in our team - is responsible for quality management in our factory. He knows exactly how important it is to find the best ingredients for our cereals.

The ingredients of our organic mueslis come from more than 20 countries - it is not always an easy task to obtain top-quality organic ingredients. We aim to buy as many ingredients as possible from the local area. Ingredients that do not grow in our region - pineapple, aronia berries or pomegranates - have a longer journey.

Philipp, one of the mymuesli co-founders, works closely with Toni and our quality management team to maintain close relationships with suppliers and producers around the world. This ensures that only the very best ingredients are used for mymuesli products.

the core of our production

our muesli mixer machine

The first mueslis that were ordered through our online mixer, were actually mixed by hand. Hard to believe, right? But because demand rose so fast in a such a short space of time, that was soon no longer possible. A machine that could help us with mixing was necessary. However, it was not easy to find. So we developed our own unique muesli mix machine. It took three years to create to ensure that it would meet our high demands.

Since 2011 our factory has been located in the heart of Passau. Here we have the best conditions for mixing your individual organic mueslis as well as our premixed mueslis. That was also when the first fully automated muesli mix machine was first available worldwide. We like to compare it to a Superbrain - because it can mix more than 566 billion muesli variations.

The barcode on your cereal box acts like a fingerprint. This way, your unique favourite mix can be unmistakably identified and filled to the exact gram. Of course, only what you really want goes inside. Our muesli blender even recognises your personal muesli creation and can mix it the same way when reordering. Pretty crazy, right?

So what happens after? Next, we check the filled can and pass your muesli creation on to the shipping area of the factory. There it is packaged in our typical mymuesli cartons.

They ensure that your cereal arrives to you undamaged. And then not long after it's on its way to you. After all, surely everyone wants their favourite cereal to arrive home as soon as possible.