Our mymuesli2go pots have been really successful with our muesli friends. They are practical, light and the perfect snack wherever you go, whether thats to the office or on a weekend adventure! However, to make our 2go pots even better we want to make them more sustainable. Our large 575g muesli tubes are already one step ahead being made of 90 percent recycled paper. Now its time to step up the game with our little pots: we want to find a more environmentally friendly solution for our mymuesli2go.


Since we love not only our muesli, but also the environment, we want to make our mymuesli2go cup more sustainable and reduce the amount of plastic to a minimum. The challenge is that there are many processes related to the packaging that have to be adjusted accordingly. By 2020 we hope to have cracked this and have found the best packaging alternative. Join our journey and become a part of #dogood2go. 


At this stage we're pretty happy with our muesli...but our packaging isn't quite perfect yet. We are tackling this problem so that our delicious mymuesli2go can be eaten even more sustainably in the future. We recently completed a major project: the large tubes of our ready mixes consist of 90 percent recycled paper (including a new paper base). Now it's our 2go cup's turn.


Not only do we want to change our packaging, we also want to be part of a wider mission for more sustainability. In Ozeankind® e.V. we have found our perfect partner. Together we are committed to a plastic-free environment. Ozeankind is a non-profit association that is internationally committed to CleanUps, recycling projects and education for the avoidance of plastic waste. Let's raise awareness about disposable plastics and experience some great projects and events together. 


Status Quo

It is handy, sturdy and offers enough space for the right amount of milk for muesli. The 2go mug has been with us for about 10 years now and pleases our muesli friends with 18 different types of muesli to choose from. The paper banderole keeps the thin cup in place - saving plastic and keeping your favourite muesli fresh. We want to keep the same classic design whilst making the 2go cup more sustainable.


our promise

A mission like this needs clear timing. We're hoping that by 2020 we would have found the best packaging alternative. Look forward to a mymuesli2go that remains just as practical, but is much more environmentally friendly. 


What you can do

Use Hashtag #dogood2go and become part of the mission. Discuss, inspire and follow our activities on Instagram. This is how you motivate other muesli friends to support us, and change starts with every one of us. The first step towards more sustainability? Waste separation. We'll show you how to correctly return our mymuesli2go cup to the recycling stream.