Without our signature tube we wouldn't be mymuesli, which is why we want to put it at the centre of attention. We want to celebrate the fact that over the years we have made them more individual and sustainable. We want to share with you the story of how the mymuesli founders Hubertus, Max and Philipp came to create the tube, their first custom mixed mueslis in redesign, special can designs and much more. 

Phil's Mix

Exotic, fruity and mixed with love! Philipp's first mix tastes as good as it sounds: After "Copacabana Days" ...

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max's mix

It's almost as good as chocolate! Discover Max' first self-mixed muesli "Alte Freunde" in redesign.

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hub's mix

Discover Hub's Apple Addict muesli with apple and cinnamon crunchy.

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the original tube

This is what our first can looked like when we went online on 30 April 2007. Each muesli we mixed ourselves was weighed ingredient by ingredient and filled by hand. After this we put a beta stamp on it and secured with a lid. We had it made in a small stamp shop in Passau (yes, there was one like that in the old town of Passau). For a short time you can get one of the tubes in the original design.

Der Ursprung der Dose - custom mixed Müsli

But why a tube for cereal? The question of how best to package organic muesli was discussed by "the boys" for quite some time. Hubs, Max and Philipp -wearing ironed-on Abiball suits with self-printed business cards- went to the world's largest trade fair for packaging technology, the "Fachpack" in Nuremberg. Nobody really wanted to take the startup founders seriously. Only at the very end did they find what they were looking for in the very last exhibition hall. One exhibitor said: "All right, I'll do it for you". And the mymuesli tube (previously used to store animal feed) was born. 

Das Rainbow Design - custom mixed Müsli

as individual as possible

We've come a long way since our original simple design. You can now choose from 20 different designs, pick a name and even add a 200 character long greeting message.

Happy Birthday Mix - zum 12-jährigen Jubiläum von mymuesli

And because we think diversity at the breakfast table is just as important as love, the cans are also available in Rainbow design. Anything else would be boring, wouldn't it? Our cans are also made from 90 percent recycled paper. Thanks to the paper base, all pre-mixed mueslis can be disposed of in the waste paper up to the lid. What else do we have in mind when it comes to sustainability? Check out our #dogood2go page for more information.

mymuesli Glitzer Design - custom mixed Müsli

HAPPY BIRTHDAY – exclusively for you

For our birthday there is, of course, a new design for your very own Happy Birthday Mix. Thanks to 80 ingredients and 566 quadrillion possible combinations in our mixer, your breakfast is guaranteed to be as unique as you are! One of our highlights was when, in 2009, we had our muesli cans refined with 1400 Swarovski crystals for the benefit of a charity auction by ONE HEART FOR CHILDREN. The specialists from CRYSTALLIZED™ worked on the can for 2 weeks. A real unique product, just like your favourite self-mixed muesli ...

life is better in pink

Das Pink Granola Müsli mit neuem Design.


What do tropical birds and our Pink Granola have in common? They both make us dream of summer! We were gripped by flamingo fever when the first Pink Granola design was created (2016). In the kitchen, in the office, on the toilet, at the photo shoot: everything full of pink feather friends. Our redesign for your custom mix is now available online again! And in 2019? Just wait for our new Pink Granola. Because one thing is certain: Life is better in Pink!

Flamingo Müsli - beim Shooting mit viel Dekoration.

behind the scenes

Our photo shoots are as different as our mueslis. For the perfect photo there are 4 to 5 people in the setting  holding flamingo legs (of course no real ones!), hand-cut palm fronds or other hand-made decorations. From the idea, concept and the execution up to the later processing our designers can "really let off steam creatively". The best thing after every shoot: all the edible muesli creations can be enjoyed by the whole team!

Müsli Schüsseln gefüllt mit dem Pink-Granola und frischen Erdbeeren.