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the mymuesli voucher

Say it with muesli!

Finding a suitable present can be difficult. But not with us! Because you can lean back comfortably while the recipient builds his or her own gift - and has to choose from 566 quadrillion options. ;-)

Share immediate muesli joy

Send the voucher via postal mail, email or even per text message - an ideal last-minute gift. The recipient can then order muesli immediately. All that is left for you to do is to transfer the voucher value.

the mymuesli voucher

Its simple:

  1. 1. Enter a voucher value
  2. 2. Add the voucher to your shopping cart and then complete your order as usual
  3. 3. We will send you the voucher code immediately
  4. 4. You can email or print the voucher to use it as a gift
  5. 5. The recipient can now redeem the voucher and choose his or her muesli gift
  6. 6. Once we receive your payment for the voucher, the muesli(s) the recipient has chosen are sent off!

Note: A delicious muesli costs between £5 and £8 plus £5.90 for shipping. So a voucher only really makes sense from about £11. Validity: 12 months from purchase.

Voucher value: £