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Your individual organic muesli

Mix your favourite muesli from 80 ingredients. We deliver it straight to your home.

my muesli is the first startup allowing you to mix your individual organic muesli from over 80 different ingredients. Whether Bircher mueslichocolate muesli or diet muesli - with 566 quadrillion possible mixes there's something for everyone. Certified organic and without additives.

  • new muesli range

    New muesli range

    Try out our brand new muesli range. Our Bircher muesli won many loyal fans. Now risk a try at our Berry, Mango, Espresso, Chocolate, Berry or Mango muesli.

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  • muesli for on the go

    muesli for on the go

    mymuesli in pre-portioned cups. 85g of delicious muesli in six different varieties. Just add milk and enjoy. Give it a taste!

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