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You will hopefully find answers to your most urgent questions about mymuesli here.

You will find information about our ingredients in our ingredients encyclopedia. And here you can read about the mymuesli story. You can find out more about us in our blog. And should you still have questions, you can ask us here anytime.

Questions about us and the company

Who are "the boys"?

We, "the boys", are the makers of mymuesli. When we talked about our muesli for the first time, the name stuck for inexplicable reasons. And since then everyone just called us "boys" (you can't choose your nickname, can you). You can read about our story and why we make muesli here.

Why muesli?

You really have to love muesli (as we do) to fulfil the dream of your own muesli company. But in addition muesli is also ideal as a custom product because it contains so many ingredients. Oh, and had we mentioned that breakfast is the most important meal of the day?

I'm an athlete. Can you sponsor me?

We feel honored. Unfortunately we can only sponsor a limited number of athletes. And please remember: we're a small company with limited resources. But if you need muesli supplies, then please write to us...

Can I get a guided tour of your production facilities?

We're more than happy to open our doors to you. However the dates are scarce and larger groups, for example school classes, will have to stay content with pictures and videos for now. Because our number one priority is to make the best muesli in the world in our mymuesli factory - and that requires our full attention and greatest concentration.

Do you have a job for me?

Unfortunately not at the moment. But if you are of the opinion, that we should definitely get to know you nevertheless, then just get in touch with us! We're keen to hear from you...

Questions about the muesli and the ingredients

Can I name my muesli?

Yes, you have 18 characters to label your muesli. Furthermore every muesli gets a unique mix-id, which will get printed on the label aswell. That way it is always possible to reorder your muesli.

What are my muesli's nutritional values?

In the muesli-mixer your can click on "show ingredients" to see live updates on the nutritional values of you muesli as you add or remove ingredients from your mix.

Are your mueslis suitable for vegans, people with allergies or people with diabetes?

Probably you know best what's good for you, but be aware that despite careful manufacturing our muesli can contain traces of sesame, nuts, milk, gluten and soy.

How long does a mymuesli muesli keep?

That largely depends on the ingredients you have selected. However, the muesli should always be good for at least 3 months except in very exceptional cases. That said: in most kitchens mymuesli's survival time is much shorter - its just too tasty!

I want to suggest a new ingredient. Is that possible?

Sure! Keep the ideas coming and Phil will take care of them. But please note: we receive very many suggestions and of-course can't implement them all, in part owing to space restrictions and of-course because our quality and sourcing standards are very strict.

Can I reorder a particular muesli?

Yes, every ordered muesli receives a unique mix ID. It is also printed on the label. That allows you toreorder a mix again and again.

Questions about the muesli mixer and orders

What is a mix ID? Where can I find it?

Every ordered muesli gets a unique mix-id, which is printed on the label. This number makes it possible to reorder your mix. Just enter your mix-id here.

Can I give a gift voucher for mymuesli? Do you also have a printable version?

Of-course! You will find all our infos about mymuesli vouchers here. When you order a gift voucher, you will receive the voucher code per email within minutes. We do not send any vouchers per postal mail but you will find a link in the email allowing you to print out a beautiful paper version of your voucher.

By the way, if you don't use your entire voucher value at once, the remaining voucher values can be used for later orders.

I want to order muesli for my company. Which options do I have?

If you wish to order muesli for your corporate breakfast, please contact Irene at irene.meindly@mymuesli.com. If you wish to customise the muesli for your company, our corporate customers have several options: For example you can print a logo or a message on the muesli tube. You'll find all infos here.

How much muesli can I mix in one mymuesli tube?

Each tube contains 575g of muesl. So if you just order a muesli base, you will receive 575g of that muesli base. If you add individual ingredients the amount of the muesli base will fall proportionately. But in the end you will always have 575g.

This is comparable to a car purchase: if you choose better ceramic breaks, for example, you will have a car with better properties. But not necessarily one with 8 sets of breaks. So when something is added, something else is replaced, but the car (or muesli) overall is improved. The car is safer and the muesli tastes better!

Can I raise the proportion of a specific ingredient?

Of course! You can put every ingredient multiple times into your muesli. Just click more than once and you will get twice the amount. Too much? Click the ingredient in the can again and it's gone.

Do I get something for free if I order a lot of muesli?

Sure: shipping costs free for all orders above £60! If you think you deserve more, get in touch via our contact form.

What if I have not received an order confirmation or receipt!?

After you finished your order, we automatically send an email with an order confirmation. If you didn't receive it within two hours, you possibly misspelled your email address, or it is in your spam-folder. Please contact us and we'll figure out what happened.

If you create an account you not only can save your email, but also your shipping address and you don't have to fill it in at your next order.

Questions about payment and shipping

How much is shipping?

£5.90 - no matter how many tubes you order, up to a total order value of £60. From £60 you get free shipping! Please do note that vouchers are not included in the order value, as a voucher only gains a "product value" after its purchase.

Can you send two orders together?

Unfortunately that's not so easy for logistical reasons. Please always try to place all your muesli wishes in one order. That way you also only have to pay for shipping once!

Where can I pick my muesli up? Are there any hotspots?

In Germany we have a variety of mymuesli hotspots where you can pick up your mueslis and save shipping costs. In the UK we're not there yet, but if you'd like to be among our first hotspots, get in touch!

How can I pay for mymuesli? Bank transfer? IBAN? BIC?

At the moment we ask you to pay in advance using one of these methods:

Bank transfer:
mymuesli GmbH
Account No. 0778 892 700
Usage: (Invoice Number)
BLZ: 700 800 00 (Commerzbank)
IBAN: DE75 7008 0000 0778 892 700

PayPal-Payments go to paypal [at] mymuesli [dot] co [dot] uk. Please include your order number!

You can also pay by direct debit or credit card via our partner money bookers when you send off your order.

You will be sent an order confirmation and receipt automatically after every order per email. If not, please feel free to get in touch anytime.

Oh, something didn't work with my payment. What now?

Wenn Du per Lastschrift oder Kreditkarte zahlen wolltest, können wir die Zahlung momentan leider noch nicht erneut anstoßen. Wir arbeiten hier aber an einer Lösung.
Bis dahin müssen wir Dich bitten, den Betrag per Überweisung oder PayPal zu zahlen. Unsere Buchhaltung erkennt Zahlungseingänge automatisch, auch wenn eine andere Zahlungsmethode als bei der Bestellung angegeben benutzt wird. Dazu ist es aber wichtig, dass die Rechnung- bzw. Bestellnummer im Verwendungszweck angegeben wird.
Unsere Kontodaten und die PayPal-Email-Adresse findest Du oben bei der Frage "Wie bezahle ich mein Müsli?".

Do you also sell in other countries?

Besides England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, muesli fans can enjoy their personal muesli in Germany and Austria www.mymuesli.com. That's where our production and our main offices are based.

In Switzerland, the home of muesli (or müesli) we also have a small production site. To order there visit ww.mymuesli.ch.

My muesli arrived partially "unmixed". Why?

Until your muesli arrives with you, its been pretty shaken from transport by road, over conveyor belts and through sorting machines in logistics centers. Even perfectly mixed mueslis will slowly "unmix". That means: bigger ingredients end up at the top and smaller, finer ingredients move towards the bottom. This will be particularly pronounced for mueslis with very differently-sized ingredients. But cutting all ingredients to the same size is out of the question for us. So our tip to maximize your muesli pleasure is to shake, twist and turn your muesli in the tube to give it a good mix before pouring it :)