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Bio-Müsli in höchster Qualität


Our ingredients are the heart of our mueslis and should meet the highest quality standards. That's why we exclusively use organic ingredients from certified origins. The other reason is that they just tastes much better.

Alle Müslis werden aus Bio-Zutaten hergestellt

Best product quality

Each of our mueslis is mixed in Passau (Bavaria, Germany) with the greatest care. Perfect workplace hygiene and meticulous attention to all food regulatory requirements are a matter of course for us.

We source our ingredients from selected suppliers and traders worldwide and keep close contact with our business partners in order to ensure the high quality of our products at all times. Together we want to ensure optimal product quality. As far as possible we source our ingredients from regional cultivation and from growers in our vicinity (however, we are still waiting for the lower-Bavarian goji berry). This is guarantied by our certified membership of the "Biokreis" (organic circle), a growers association for organic agriculture and healthy nutrition, whose strict guidelines we abide for an optimal product.

Our muesli factory

It took us two years to develop and install it: the new mymuesli mix machine, which can mix more than 566 quadrillion organic muesli combinations fully automatically. That required us to create a completely new factory down in the South-Bavarian town of Passau, where our world-wide unique machine has now found its home.

They carry the responsibility: Our production directors Cornelia Bauer (director of the muesli factory) and Christian Greisser (representative) coordinate our factory in all production processes. In particular, Conny and Christian ensure that only impeccable ingredients are used by mymuesli.

More infos and pictures of our factory

Should you not be satisfied with your muesli despite our strictest quality assurance or have further questions about the product, production process or muesli quality, then please contact us. Conny, Christian and the rest of the team will be happy to answer your questions.

Hochwertige Müsli Qualität dank Bio-Zutaten

Bio-Müsli von mymuesli bio-zertifiziert

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