Tuesday, den 19. June 2012

In Vienna: World of Coffee 2012

Yes, this blog is pretty much about muesli only. But once in a while we love to hang out with our pals from Munich-based Green Cup Coffee, who invited us to attend World of Coffee 2012 with them. If you never heard about the World of Coffee events: Apart from a kick-ass coffee fair it’s […]

Friday, den 29. April 2011


Tuesday, den 11. January 2011

mymuesli: Our New Year’s Resolutions

Inspired by Kevin Rose we made a list of New Year’s Resolutions for 2011. We’re really excited about this, especially our new blender will introduce healthy drinks into our cereal world If you want to share your list with us just leave a comment or visit our Facebook-page… 1. optimize website 2. iPhone App 3. […]

Sunday, den 5. September 2010

We’re looking for your favourite muesli-recipes!

Summer break’s over folks, and we’re after your best muesli-recipes: Whatever you do with your favourite muesli – please let us know, take a picture and send it to us. For every recipe that we publish you’ll get a surprise package. And don’t worry – you won’t be dissapointed. And hopefully all recipes will look […]

Wednesday, den 14. July 2010

We proudly present a mymuesli-song: percussion done by mymuesli-tins, bowls and spoons…

There are people who love to make music… that’s not news. But it is unusual if a person likes to make music so much that one uses mymuesli tins, with or without the caps, full or empty, bowls, spoons and muesli mixes to make the drum part of a song. Combined with a little bit […]

Tuesday, den 6. July 2010

our newest TV commercial: filmed and edited with Apple’s iPhone 4…

a TV-commercial for German and Austrian Television – filmed and edited entirely on the new iPhone 4. It’s finished now and we’re quite happy with the results. The idea behind this little project was to use the iPhone’s great capabilities to full effect and to create an actual TV-commercial – to be aired on Television […]

Friday, den 9. April 2010

Twitter Feedback…

Thanks Daniela, glad you like(d) it!

Friday, den 26. March 2010

still cycling to the ashes (with a cricket bat)

Does Sachin Tendulkar own a bicycle? Probably, but we’re not exactly sure if he really uses it. But since the famous Indian cricketer received a Ferrari 360 Modena from FIAT a few years ago he probably doesn’t need it at last. And I’d assume that it might be a little difficult for the batsmen to […]

Tuesday, den 2. March 2010

Questions one doesn’t want to answer: Where do boxes come from?

Begrudgingly, I blog about our trip to the box factory. Knowing what an energy intensive process it is and how environmentally harmful it can potentially be, I can’t say I was excited. But was I pleasantly surprised! They had an enormous solar energy field to feed their machines, and a lot of the paper they […]

Friday, den 12. February 2010

figs for your figure (figure skating that is!)

The Greeks knew that: they made it illegal to export these tasty wonders (you could even suffer the death penalty!) just so their Olympic athletes could munch on them and perform at their best. But don’t worry, we don’t think Canada will start hoarding their figs anytime soon. At vancouver, the fig will certainly be […]