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Friday, den 26. March 2010 10:23 am Uhr

still cycling to the ashes (with a cricket bat)

Does Sachin Tendulkar own a bicycle? Probably, but we’re not exactly sure if he really uses it. But since the famous Indian cricketer received a Ferrari 360 Modena from FIAT a few years ago he probably doesn’t need it at last. And I’d assume that it might be a little difficult for the batsmen to ride a bike around town in India – people would literally freak out…
But Oli Broom’s challenge on the opther hand would not be difficult at all if it weren’t for the bicycle. Imagine Oli driving from London to Brisbane in an Italian luxury car. I suppose he wouldn’t raise any money for charities at all.
But Oli has come a long way since we met him at the mymuesli store in Passau, Germany. He cycled about 7,100kms through 15 countries, playing a form of cricket in all but Luxembourg, Slovakia, Jordan and Egypt. There are still more than 18.000kms to go. But were sure that Oli’s gonna make it in time for The Ashes. That man’s just gotta have an ace up his sleeve.
You can follow Oli online on his website “cycling to The Ashes” or read his blog.
Oli at the mymuesli store in 2009:

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