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Wednesday, den 19. November 2014

DIY – plump crumble

What´s better than have muesli for breakfast? But even our team wants to try out some variations of cereal. And Laura just had a great idea: Selfmade crumble with plums! Ingredients: 3 plumps 100g muesli 80g butter 80g grounded almonds 40g flour 4 EL honey 1 spoon lemon juice 1 pack of vanilla sugar Cut [...]

Wednesday, den 29. October 2014

Trick or treat!

That´s the phrase you will hear on Friday very often. Children in scary cutomes will travel from house to house asking for some sweets. We came up with a delicious recipe, which is a nice alternative for chocolate and sweets. For sure the cooking is so simple that you can easily finish it til October [...]

Sunday, den 26. October 2014

DIY – pumkin muesli bars

Vegetables and muesli? Sounds strange, but tastes better than you can image. While autumn leaves cover the pathways and the weather gets more stormy, we rediscovered the pleasure and gusto of  a pumpkin. This orange coloured vegetable is so multifarious: used for cooking, used for baking, used for crafting and much more. We tried our [...]

Tuesday, den 21. October 2014

Our muesli insider´s tip

Tastes differ. But we are sure that everyone will agree: This is the perfect mixture for your daily muesli.  

Friday, den 10. October 2014

Cranberries – red, sourly and so fruity!

Everyone should know them. They are so delicious, so red and just so good: cranberries. They are not just for decoration or scenery. Known for their health benefits and ripping tartness we love them in everything – in marmalade, in dips and sauces, in cake and desserts. But especially in muesli! Already the American Indians [...]

Thursday, den 25. September 2014

Bircher – different this time

A classic Bircher-muesli is a true enjoyment. But I wanted to have a different Bircher taste: more fruity, more creamy and with some cherries. So  I started a research and tried these recipes. They are so easy and so good – please try them out! Otherwise you would miss a real delicacy.   Bircher – [...]

Monday, den 22. September 2014

DIY: a mymuesli-couch

Couch: a long upholstered piece of furniture for serveral people to sit on – this is the definition of the Oxford Dictonary. Remembering that definition and surrunded by umpteen mueslis we started a mission: Let´s construct a sofa out of muesli-tubes!   With this idea in mind we had considerations, accurate measurements and professional discussions. [...]

Tuesday, den 9. September 2014

mymuesli on Facebook

Do you already know our facebook-profil? If not, please visit us! Not just new products, nice pictures and delicious recipes are waiting for you. You can also participate on contests and write us a massage. If yes, please visit us anyway!  

Wednesday, den 27. August 2014

DIY – beautiful colored windsock

Summer is quickly passing by and probably you have some things you want to do before autum. Our all-time favorite: having a barbecue in the garden while a tepid late summer-evening. A friend of yours is playing gituar, some girls are giggeling and the trees are draped with beautiful colored paper-windsocks. The instruction for these [...]

Wednesday, den 20. August 2014

It´s Teatime!

A delicious cup of tea and some canapé in the afternoon – we don´t need anything more for being happy. Today we´ve made two different sandwiches. One with eggs, cress and creme fraiche and the other with salmon, cream cheese and dill. And on top of that we´ve created scones with white chocolate and strawberry [...]