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Wednesday, den 8. April 2015

A sweet temptation made easy: Black Forest cherry topping

Sometimes there is no avoiding it – you give in to your sweet tooth and treat yourself to something delightful. Last week, we did just that when we were suddenly all overcome by an irresistible craving for something sweet and appealing. Luckily, Masha was on hand to rustle up a truly delicious and simple recipe: […]

Thursday, den 26. March 2015

True all-rounders: Plantago seeds in the mixer

We are now offering a new ingredient in the “Refine Base” category: Plantago seeds. And there are several good reasons why this ingredient should find its way into every mymuesli creation. What is the best way to stay healthy? Well, we recommend a balanced breakfast as always, featuring…muesli, what else?! That is already a very […]

Thursday, den 12. March 2015

Granola: A new twist on an American classic

What is granola? Granola is among the most popular breakfast choices in the USA. In recent years, breakfast cafés and shops in Europe have also begun catching on to this American trend. But what is granola and how does it differ from muesli? Granola contains oats baked in oil and sweetener such as honey or syrup. […]

Friday, den 20. February 2015

Chocolate makes one happy?

Yeah that´s true and it only remains for us to agree whole-heartedly. Sometimes you wish you could dive into a warm and foamy bath tube – filled with the best of chocolate. Although we can not offer that kind of soulsoother a bowl of chocolate muesli is at least as good and joyful as having […]

Wednesday, den 4. February 2015

Valentine´s Day – How to make the day of love better with muesli

The new year has just started, the last Christmas trees are thrown away and there is still a reason for celebrating: Valentine´s day! Actually we having still some days left we – more the girls like the boys – got addicted to love, love, love and considering how to suprise our sweethearts. After a very […]

Friday, den 23. January 2015

5 reasons why I love muesli

  1. It´s the easiest way for a delicious breakfast. You only need the world´s best muesli and milk!   2. It takes a bit of chewing and so reduces the amount of the food I´m eating. It forces you to eat mindfully!   3. Muesli is an allrounder. You can eat it for breakfast. You […]

Friday, den 19. December 2014

We wish a…

Sunday, den 14. December 2014

Good morning!


Wednesday, den 3. December 2014

DIY – Christmas Decoration

Searching for some winter-like decoration we quarry all stores – but with no satisfying result. So we we did it ourselves. It was very easy and we had much fun. Here are the results: With these combination of a star and a flower every christmas bush will look much nicer. These napkin rings look so […]

Wednesday, den 26. November 2014

Christmas-Greetings from Julia

Julia loves the winter spiced ingredients in our online mixer. Click here for here absolute favorite. And what´s your favorite mix?