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Wednesday, den 16. April 2014

What’s your favourite milk? Comparing dairy alternatives…

I just went to the organic food store and packed my shopping basket full of plant-based drinks. Every once in a while, muesli lovers with different intolerances or those who simply love variety ask us for tips and suggestions. So I bought four plant-based dairy alternatives: Pouring the hazelnut milk into my glass, I immediately thought [...]

Thursday, den 13. March 2014

Cooking with Hello Fresh

Last month you may remember that Hello Fresh distributed our mymuesli2go in its boxes. For those of you who don’t know Hello Fresh: its a wonderful company that delivers delicious recipes with the exact ingredients you need every week.   Its one of those services that helps you eat well without investing the time and energy [...]

Monday, den 10. March 2014

Win: Luxury Wild Rose Package with nu3

This month we’ve decided to cooperate with nu3 to give you the chance to win a special gift for yourself, your mother, your girlfriend or sister. In time for Mother’s Day, we are entering everyone who orders with mymuesli this week into a prize draw to win a Lavera Wild Rose Luxury Package with nu3. [...]

Tuesday, den 28. January 2014

Amour, love, Liebe: Valentine’s gifts

The new and exclusive I-Love-You muesli is our very first seasonal muesli with a dedicated seasonal tube at mymuesli in the UK! For a very special day and a very special person… the special Valentine’s muesli. Perfect for a romantic, delicious and luxurious lovers’ breakfast and as a particularly creative and tasteful gift.   The most unique [...]

Monday, den 6. January 2014

White Winter Crisps

  This delicious recipe for crunchy wintery cookie-crisps is both incredibly easy and perfectly suited for producing in bulk. Ingredients you will need for about 15 pieces:   200 g white chocolate 300 g Berry muesli aluminium foil   Break the chocolate down into pieces and melt them in a hot water bath. Mix the [...]

Wednesday, den 11. December 2013

Delicious muesli creations for Christmas and wintertime

Winter is almost upon us! But fear not, as this time of the year also means cosy evenings by the fire, festive Advent gatherings and, last but not least, new ingredients in our online muesli mixer! “Christmas delight”, “apple cinnamon crunchy” and “wintery almonds” are infused with aromatic winter spices and are sure to become [...]

Saturday, den 26. October 2013

Our new mix tips

Last week our office resembled a muesli mixer. We tried many different muesli combinations to find new suggestions for you. By now we have over 80 ingredients and therefore it was not so easy to decide! Anne carried out various experiments for some days. What would be the tastiest mix for our muesli-friends? What’s a real insider´s tip? [...]

Thursday, den 17. October 2013

Try a muesli drink for breakfast!

Almost every morning at the office we start our day with a delicious muesli – what else. Some days we may even have several, like when our team tastes and tests the latest muesli mixes we might want to bring to you.   To keep things interesting, we have experimented with our blueberry muesli, fresh blueberries, [...]

Tuesday, den 17. September 2013

Pear crumble with Bircher muesli

A sweet scent envelops our nose, as the crumble matures in the oven. In the lunch break we tried a new recipe. This time: pear crumble with our Bircher muesli. Slowly and surely autumn is progressing, the season of colourful leaves and harvest.That’s when we need warming dishes – preferably with spicey cinnamon and some [...]

Thursday, den 12. September 2013

Post from Kindergruppe Sonnenschein

Last week we received some post from the Kinderhaus Sonnenschein in Germany. With empty mymuesli-tubes they created a spacey birthday calendar in a very lovely way. So the tubes became a rocket and got filled with some suprises for the birthday child. Another nice idea what you can do with our empty tube – we [...]