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Here you can read about how mymuesli saw the light of the day in the UK and how it's going to develop. Day after day. Comments and suggestions are welcome as they give us the chance to further improve mymuesli. Have fun reading and participating!

katharina16.04.2014 | 14:33

What’s your favourite milk? Comparing dairy alternatives…

I just went to the organic food store and packed my shopping basket full of plant-based drinks. Every once in a while, muesli lovers with different intolerances or those who simply love variety ask us for tips and suggestions. So I bought four plant-based dairy alternatives:

Pouring the hazelnut milk into my glass, I immediately thought of hazelnut-nougat spread. This milk virtually asks for chocolate muesli and tastes heavenly in combination with it! By itself, the milk has a sweet nutty flavour.


As for the almond milk, I chose the unsweetened version. As could be expected, it is not especially sweet and has a rather subtle almond flavour (I would have expected it to be stronger). Almond milk contains only half the amount of calories of unskimmed cow’s milk and is free of cholesterol.


People with gluten-intolerance should better keep their hands off oat milk. It tasted quite sweet, even though no sweeteners are added. I like it best in combination with honey and nut muesli or for making a delicious matcha latte.


Speaking of rice-coconut milk makes me swoon! It tastes amazingly refreshing and the coconut flavour is not too dominant. I tasted the milk and suddenly lots of summery cocktail and smoothie recipes came to mind. It tastes great in combination with fruit mueslis, for example our mango muesli. The drink is low in calories—only 20 kcal per 100 ml—which makes it a really light alternative to skimmed milk (which has about 64 kcal per 100 ml). Of course there are many, many more dairy alternatives. Maybe you have another great tip for us. We are looking forward to your comments!

katharina13.03.2014 | 15:37

Cooking with Hello Fresh

Last month you may remember that Hello Fresh distributed our mymuesli2go in its boxes. For those of you who don’t know Hello Fresh: its a wonderful company that delivers delicious recipes with the exact ingredients you need every week.


Its one of those services that helps you eat well without investing the time and energy into planning your meals, going shopping and transporting a load of groceries. Just like mymuesli allows you to experiment with different muesli combinations without storing supplies of over 80 ingredients in your home…


At the mymuesli office we have the luxury of a beautiful kitchen where we regularly cook and prepare meals together. As we are all into healthy eating and loved the look of the Hello Fresh boxes, we decided to order some to the office and give it a try!

The recipes were wonderfully explained and the ingredients truly delicious: fresh, great quality, and just in the amounts that we needed them! Our favourite was the salmon and veggie dish, pictured above, in the classic box. You can swap the meals you want in a given week and there’s the option of a purely vegetarian box for the vegetarians among you. Being among such wonderful ingredients was truly an honour for mymuesli.


Have you tried it yet?

katharina10.03.2014 | 17:01

Win: Luxury Wild Rose Package with nu3

This month we’ve decided to cooperate with nu3 to give you the chance to win a special gift for yourself, your mother, your girlfriend or sister. In time for Mother’s Day, we are entering everyone who orders with mymuesli this week into a prize draw to win a Lavera Wild Rose Luxury Package with nu3.



Lavera is a cosmetics company with wonderful organic products that we at mymuesli love. Nu3 has been so kind to provide 3 of these packages for you to win. Like mymuesli, nu3 aims to help people live healthier lives. Their impressive range nutrients, supplements, natural food, and natural beauty products can quickly and easily be ordered online for 24 hour dispatch.


Next week we will be announcing the 3 happy winners. In the meantime, check out the nu3 website! By the way, you have the chance to win one of 3 packs of a month’s supply of mymuesli with each nu3 order this week as well…

katharina28.01.2014 | 12:33

Amour, love, Liebe: Valentine’s gifts

The new and exclusive I-Love-You muesli is our very first seasonal muesli with a dedicated seasonal tube at mymuesli in the UK! For a very special day and a very special person… the special Valentine’s muesli. Perfect for a romantic, delicious and luxurious lovers’ breakfast and as a particularly creative and tasteful gift.


The most unique ingredient of this muesli is the novel inclusion of organic rose petals. Adding a soft flavour to your muesli, roses as the ultimate symbol of love are a must on Valentine’s Day and provide a unique element to your breakfast.


Combine the symbolism of flowers with sweet and tasty wholemilk chocolate hearts, crunchy honeyed oats, seductive white-chocolate cranberries as well as tart freeze-dried berries – and you have the perfect romantic Valentine’s breakfast, as well as perhaps a reminder of that special day in the mornings thereafter.



You would like to add a personal note to your muesli? The lid has a special insert in which you can inscribe a personal message in a beautiful heart-shaped card design.


If you are looking for the somewhat larger and more lasting present, we recommend the Valentine’s gift box, complete with I-Love-You muesli, the mymuesli bowl and the ergonomic mymuesli spoon. Not to big and not too small – just right.

Lilly06.01.2014 | 17:32

White Winter Crisps


This delicious recipe for crunchy wintery cookie-crisps is both incredibly easy and perfectly suited for producing in bulk.

Ingredients you will need for about 15 pieces:


200 g white chocolate

300 g Berry muesli

aluminium foil


Break the chocolate down into pieces and melt them in a hot water bath. Mix the muesli into the white chocolate.


After stirring the mixture well, place little clusters of the mix on a tray lined with aluminium foil. Place the tray in the fridge to allow the clusters to solidfy.


Once solid, you can present and eat as you would cookies. But beware - they have addictive qualities. Probably worth producing in greater number then…


Lilly11.12.2013 | 17:45

Delicious muesli creations for Christmas and wintertime

Winter is almost upon us! But fear not, as this time of the year also means cosy evenings by the fire, festive Advent gatherings and, last but not least, new ingredients in our online muesli mixer!

“Christmas delight”, “apple cinnamon crunchy” and “wintery almonds” are infused with aromatic winter spices and are sure to become instant favourites. Packaged in our eye-catching white and gold Christmas tubes, our new mueslis also make the perfect Christmas gift.


Forget mince pies and try our Christmas Crunch Muesli!

This muesli mix has the potential to become an absolute Christmas classic – we were already hooked after the first spoonful! Coarse spelt flakes, apple cinnamon crunchies and cranberries coated in white chocolate turn every breakfast into a festive feast. Find out more  here.


For cold winter days: Winter Spice Muesli

Our Winter Spice Muesli features best-quality wholemeal flakes and tasty apple cinnamon crunchies. Refined with aromatic Christmas spices such as vanilla and cardamom, this muesli is a great way to kick off a winter’s day. The mixture is rounded out with almonds coated in milk chocolate and cinnamon, fruity fig pieces and crunchy walnuts, brightening up even the darkest of cold winter mornings. Try it for yourself here.


Lilly26.10.2013 | 10:38

Our new mix tips

Last week our office resembled a muesli mixer. We tried many different muesli combinations to find new suggestions for you. By now we have over 80 ingredients and therefore it was not so easy to decide! Anne carried out various experiments for some days. What would be the tastiest mix for our muesli-friends? What’s a real insider´s tip? What is the best combo for health-conscious people? And then we searched for a mix, which reminds us of our last holidays.


Here they are:

1. Our all-time favourites mix combines oat crunchy, cornflakes, almonds and fruity raspberries.

2. The insider´s tip consists of delicious chocolate crunch with raisins, cranberry chocs and corn crispers.

3. The fit body mix contains a basis of barley, spelt and oats, refinded with apricots and blueberries.

4. And our holiday mix will remind you of the tropics with several exotic fruits: mango, papaya and physalis and some coconut flakes.

Of course you can mix as the whim takes you. Enjoy your breakfast!



Lilly17.10.2013 | 16:31

Try a muesli drink for breakfast!

Almost every morning at the office we start our day with a delicious muesli – what else. Some days we may even have several, like when our team tastes and tests the latest muesli mixes we might want to bring to you.


To keep things interesting, we have experimented with our blueberry muesli, fresh blueberries, banana, yogurt, milk and a blender. The result: A delectible breakfast drink, prepared within 5 minutes, and filling you for the entire morning.


Our recipe for 2-3 portions:

1 banana

250 g blueberries

150 g plain natural yogurt

300 ml full-cream milk

50 g blueberry muesli


Blend it, fill into a large jug and enjoy!


Lilly17.09.2013 | 14:41

Pear crumble with Bircher muesli

A sweet scent envelops our nose, as the crumble matures in the oven.
In the lunch break we tried a new recipe. This time: pear crumble with our Bircher muesli.
Slowly and surely autumn is progressing, the season of colourful leaves and harvest.That’s when we need warming dishes – preferably with spicey cinnamon and some vanilla. See for yourself:

Ingredients for about 10 small portions:
3 ripe pears
80g Bircher muesli
80g margarine or soft butter
40g chopped almonds
40g ground almonds
40g flour
4 tbsp honey
1 pack vanilla sugar
1 tbsp lemon juice
1 tbsp cinnamon
Preparation of the delicious dish:
1. Peel the pears, remove their core and cut in small pieces. Mix the pieces in with the vanilla sugar and sprinkle with lemon juice. Then spread the pieces in a baking dish.
2. For the crumbles: mix Bircher with almonds, honey, margarine/butter, flour and cinnamon, and spread over the pears. The dish then goes into the preheated oven (185°C) for about 12 minutes.



Lilly12.09.2013 | 15:34

Post from Kindergruppe Sonnenschein

Last week we received some post from the Kinderhaus Sonnenschein in Germany.

With empty mymuesli-tubes they created a spacey birthday calendar in a very lovely way. So the tubes became a rocket and got filled with some suprises for the birthday child.

Another nice idea what you can do with our empty tube – we like it!