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Lilly08.04.2015 | 12:22

A sweet temptation made easy: Black Forest cherry topping

Sometimes there is no avoiding it – you give in to your sweet tooth and treat yourself to something delightful. Last week, we did just that when we were suddenly all overcome by an irresistible craving for something sweet and appealing.

Luckily, Masha was on hand to rustle up a truly delicious and simple recipe: Black Forest cherry topping. It hits the spot without the guilty conscience, yet still tastes suspiciously similar to a large slice of the gateau that inspired it.

For 1 portion of topping you need:

100g Low-fat quark

2 tbsp. Mineral water

100g Cherries

1 tbsp. Cocoa powder, de-oiled



1. Mix the quark with the mineral water until smooth and then mix in the cocoa powder.

2. Wash the cherries, remove the stones and then stir them into the mixture.

3. Serve together with muesli. Enjoy!

Lilly26.03.2015 | 17:33

True all-rounders: Plantago seeds in the mixer

We are now offering a new ingredient in the “Refine Base” category: Plantago seeds. And there are several good reasons why this ingredient should find its way into every mymuesli creation.

What is the best way to stay healthy? Well, we recommend a balanced breakfast as always, featuring…muesli, what else?! That is already a very good basis for a healthy lifestyle and certainly makes sense. However, your breakfast (muesli) should in future also always contain our new plantago seeds. Most people probably know these little wonders as psyllium. We think that its other name “plantago seeds” sounds considerably more appetising! So why mix these plantago seeds into muesli?

There has been wide-ranging writing on the physiological benefits of plantago seeds, but don’t worry, we don’t want to bore you with all the details now. However, we would like to sum them up in a nutshell:

– Plantago seeds are good for digestion, and are seen as a digestive.

– They can also contribute to removing pollutants from the body more quickly and…

– …can even positively influence blood cholesterol levels.

– They help keep intestines healthy and effective.

– They also fill you up more quickly and reduce your feeling of being hungry…

The list goes on and on. It is therefore definitely worth adding plantago seeds to your next order and mixing them into your muesli.


Lilly12.03.2015 | 15:26

Granola: A new twist on an American classic

What is granola?

Granola is among the most popular breakfast choices in the USA. In recent years, breakfast cafés and shops in Europe have also begun catching on to this American trend. But what is granola and how does it differ from muesli? Granola contains oats baked in oil and sweetener such as honey or syrup. The mixture is usually complemented with nuts and dried fruits. In simple terms, granola is just baked and sweetened muesli. Granola is eaten in combination with yogurt or fresh full-fat milk. It can also be used as a topping for baked products such as small cakes. Often, fresh fruits like strawberries, blueberries or bananas are mixed with granola, which also makes it an excellent ingredient for use in desserts.

Outlandish granola creations from the USA

This crunchy muesli is providing serious competition for American breakfast favourites like bagels, waffles or bacon and eggs nowadays. In New York City, granola is truly being reinvented. The latest wave of innovations was started by a smart café that supplied visitors to the flea market in Brooklyn with home-made organic granola, which made a real impression on the general public a few years ago. Word of mouth ensured that this granola phenomenon subsequently spread like wild fire. “Granola bars” popped up all over Brooklyn. An artisan granola producer also settled in the borough, allowing visitors to try the most unusual granola trends. From “sweet & spicy” to “plain & puritan”, everything is possible, including granola with vegetables, vegan granola, gluten-free granola and granola bars. The granola renaissance has even permeated New York’s culinary elite. In the Four Seasons hotel restaurant, for instance, the seasonal salad is sometimes garnished with granola made of oats, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, cashews, almonds, peanuts, raisins and dried apricots – dressed in champagne vinaigrette! The image makeover that this previously sugary crunchy muesli has undergone in NYC has now spread to the rest of the nation.

In sun-kissed California, Caribbean restaurants combine their own home-made breakfast granola with preserved mangos, green papaya and pineapple – the colours really bring the breakfast bowl to life! In rural Boulder (Colorado), in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, granola is done a little differently. The cooks at the restaurant “OAK at Fourteenth” coat their roast elk in rosemary and pistachio granola. Here, pine nut and citrus granola is also served with sweet potatoes. Talula’s Garden in Pennsylvania also proves that granola has long since emancipated itself from the breakfast bowl in the USA. In this restaurant, it is combined with everything from goat’s cheese to foie gras. You can find out about the most outlandish trends and explore links to the restaurants mentioned above in this New York Times article.

Another important aspect of granola for health-conscious Americans is that all ingredients are sourced from certified organic growers and local producers. This gives granola, which generally contains more fat and sugar than standard muesli, a “healthy touch” compared to conventional supermarket products. Especially at breakfast, Americans don’t like to count calories but instead rely on a nutritious and delicious start to the day with oil-baked oats, honey, nuts, dried fruits and good whole milk.

Would you like to get creative with granola? At mymuesli, you can mix your own!

mymuesli’s Muesli Mixer offers our Crunchy Honey Granola base. In contrast to our Crunchy and Oat base made of oats, barley and wheat flakes, puffed rice and unrefined cane sugar, the granola base only contains oats. These are baked until crispy in organic honey – a process which gives them a pleasant, subtle sweetness. That is why our granola muesli tastes so delicious with tart, sour or hearty ingredients. There is also a wide selection of nuts, seeds, fruits and extras in the Muesli Mixer which you can use to put together your very own individual granola. All ingredients are sourced from certified organic producers. Have fun mixing! Alternatively, you could simply try out one of our ready-made granola creations.


Lilly20.02.2015 | 11:50

Chocolate makes one happy?

Yeah that´s true and it only remains for us to agree whole-heartedly. Sometimes you wish you could dive into a warm and foamy bath tube – filled with the best of chocolate. Although we can not offer that kind of soulsoother a bowl of chocolate muesli is at least as good and joyful as having a hot bath.

Laura´s favourite on cold and grey days is the Cacao Nibs & Nuts Muesli! Prepared with fresh milk it has a wonderful chocolaty taste and does wonders to your soul. The raw cacao nibs give the muesli an especially classy touch – for a perfect balance between sweet and a little sharp with a crispy bite.

Our cacao nibs are from Ecuador and are won from the raw cacao bean by pealing it and breaking it into small nibs. Cacao nibs are the seeds of the cacao tree after they have been seperated from the fruit flesh and contain significant amounts of caluable nutrients.
Did you know that the cacao tree never rest? The tree bears out fruits throughout the year – riped and unriped ones. Great luck for us!

There are some more delicious ingredients in our Cacao Nibs & Nuts Muesli like the luxurious macadamia nuts. Stay tuned, more about this to come!

Lilly04.02.2015 | 12:10

Valentine´s Day – How to make the day of love better with muesli

The new year has just started, the last Christmas trees are thrown away and there is still a reason for celebrating: Valentine´s day! Actually we having still some days left we – more the girls like the boys – got addicted to love, love, love and considering how to suprise our sweethearts.

After a very representing survey (at our office in Berlin we are 16 girls!) we could see what the modern girl in our modern world really wants: no expensive jewellery or big presents. The best thing we could imagine is having a lovely day with our darling. And because a great day starts with a great breakfast we discovered some great ways how to have a great start of Valentine´s day.

Perfect for a romantic, delicious and luxurious lovers’ breakfast and as a particularly creative and tasteful gift: our I-Love-You-Muesli. With crispy crunchy and oat, cranberries covered with white chocolate, sweet strawberries and fruity raspberries this muesli is a welcome thing and really the perfect gift for her or him. You would like to add a personal note to your muesli? The lid has a special insert in which you can inscribe a personal message in a beautiful heart-shaped card design.


Alongside this muesli you can also have some other nice things for breakfast like a fresh pressed orangejuice or pancakes with blueberries and honey or a classic choclate fondue? There are no limits to fantasy!

Our Head of Grafics Nicole is enthusiastic just by the latter and tried her best for us.


200g dark chocolate, 200g whipped cream, 300g fruits

Chop the chocolate finely with a knife and mix it together with the previously heated cream. Put it in a fondue pot. Dip the pieces of fruit into the hot chocolate and enjoy!

Another very nice idea is a selfmade tea bag sharpend as a heat. Have you ever seen it before? Here is an easy step-by-step guidance.


Lilly23.01.2015 | 12:35

5 reasons why I love muesli


1. It´s the easiest way for a delicious breakfast. You only need the world´s best muesli and milk!


2. It takes a bit of chewing and so reduces the amount of the food I´m eating. It forces you to eat mindfully!


3. Muesli is an allrounder. You can eat it for breakfast. You can make your smoothie a bit more delightful with some oat flakes. You can give some muesli in your cookie dough and it will get more crunchy. You can stir it with some milk and get a tasty porridge.


4. Based on oats and not wheat or corn it increases the variety of grains we´re eating and keeps the wheat intake down.


5. Muesli tastes lovely! On every day, at every time!

Lilly19.12.2014 | 12:30

We wish a…

Lilly14.12.2014 | 10:10

Good morning!


Lilly03.12.2014 | 11:20

DIY – Christmas Decoration

Searching for some winter-like decoration we quarry all stores – but with no satisfying result. So we we did it ourselves. It was very easy and we had much fun. Here are the results:

With these combination of a star and a flower every christmas bush will look much nicer.

These napkin rings look so cute and are finished very quickly. You can also try different colors and material.

Lilly26.11.2014 | 17:46

Christmas-Greetings from Julia

Julia loves the winter spiced ingredients in our online mixer. Click here for here absolute favorite.

And what´s your favorite mix?